Telehealth Resources

telehealthLooking for information on whether you can use telehealth in your state and how to incorporate it into practice? AOTA has gathered the resources below to help members navigate this emerging area.

Professional Guidance

Ethics Advisory: Telehealth (pdf)
Considerations for practitioners to ensure they are practicing ethically when providing services through telehealth.

State-By-State Chart of Telehealth Laws for Occupational Therapy (pdf)
Chart to help practitioners determine whether they can practice telehealth by state, with the evidence for each interpretation.

Telehealth Position Paper (pdf)
The use of telehealth in practice areas, as described by existing research.

Telehealth State Statutes, Regulations, and Regulatory Board Statements (pdf)
A list of citations and provision by state.

Telehealth Webinar
How occupational therapy and telehealth fit together.

Telehealth and Occupational Therapy in Health Care Reform (pdf)
FAQs on how telehealth can enhance practice within the changing health care system.

Telehealth and Occupational Therapy: Integral to the Triple Aim of Health Care Reform
How telehealth can help practitioners shift from a volume-based to a value-based health care system.


Telehealth and Interprofessional Education
How to prepare students to use telehealth to improve consumer access to services.

Snapshots of Current Telehealth Applications in Occupational Therapy
Examples of how telehealth can be used in various practice settings.

Using Teleconsultation for Collaboration Between Occupational Therapy Fieldwork and Academic Settings (pdf)
Ways to use telehealth to enhance rural practice.

Innovative Occupational Therapy Practice for Patients With Lower Extremity Joint Replacement
Examples of providing services to clients with mobility barriers through telehealth.

Improving Quality of Life and Depression After Stroke Through Telerehabilitation
Study showing telehealth improved access to services for people with stroke.

Telehealth Forum on OT Connections (sign in using your AOTA log in)
Ask questions, share resources with other practitioners.