To honor a member of AOTA who has creatively contributed to the development of the body of knowledge of the profession through research, education, and/or clinical practice. 

AOTA members can read the lectures in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT)—get direct links to the lectures belowThe Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectures, along with introductions providing historical context, discussion questions, and learning activities, are available for purchase. Buy the book: A Professional Legacy: The Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectures in Occupational Therapy, 1955–2016, Centennial Edition. 

Note: The award is presented the year prior to the presentation of the lecture. Dates below are the year of the lecture occurred.

2019 Cohn, Ellen S.  
2018 Giles, Gordon Muir 
2017 Smith, Roger O. 
Technology and Occupation: Past 100, Present and Next 100 Years 
2016 Garber, Susan L. The Prepared Mind 
2015 Cohen, Helen A Career in Inquiry
2014 Mitcham, Maralynne D. Education as Engine
2013 Gillen, Glen A Fork in the Road: An Occupational Hazard?
2012 Jacobs, Karen PromOTing Occupational Therapy: Words, Images, and Actions
2011 Abreu, Beatriz C. Accentuate the Positive: Reflections on Empathic Interpersonal Interactions
2010 Burke, Janice What's Going on Here? Deconstructing Interactive Encounters
2009 Schwartz, Kathleen Barker Reclaiming Our Heritage: Connecting the Founding Vision With the Centennial Vision
2008 Coster, Wendy J. Embracing Ambiguity: Facing the Challenges of Measurement
2007 Hinojosa, Jim Becoming Innovators in an Era of Hyperchange
2006 Hasselkus, Betty Risteen The World of Everyday Occupation: Real People, Real Lives
2005 Peloquin, Suzanne M. Embracing our Ethos, Reclaiming our Heart
2004 Zemke, Ruth Time, Space, and the Kaleidoscopes of Occupation
2003 Royeen, Charlotte Brasic Chaotic Occupational Therapy: Collective Wisdom for a Complex Profession
2001 Dunn, Winifred W. The Sensations of Everyday Life: Empirical, Theoretical, and Pragmatic Considerations
2000 Holm, Margo B. Our Mandate for the New Millennium: Evidence-Based Practice
1999 Christiansen, Charles H. Defining Lives: Occupation as Identity: An Essay on Competence, Coherence, and the Creation of Meaning
1998 Fisher, Anne G. Uniting Practice and Theory in an Occupational Framework
1996 Nelson, David L. Why the Profession of Occupational Therapy Will Flourish in the 21st Century
1995 Trombly, Catherine Anne Occupation: Purposefulness and Meaningfulness as Therapeutic Mechanisms
1994 Grady, Ann P. Building Inclusive Community: A Challenge for Occupational Therapy
1993 Clark, Florence A. Occupation Embedded in a Real Life: Interweaving Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
1990 Fine, Susan B. Resilience and Human Adaptability: Who Rises Above Adversity?
1989 Farber, Shereen D. Neuroscience and Occupational Therapy: Vital Connections
1988 Henderson, Anne Occupational Therapy Knowledge: From Practice to Theory
1987 Allen, Claudia Kay Activity: Occupational Therapy's Treatment Method
1986 Reed, Kathlyn L. Tools of Practice: Heritage or Baggage?
1985 Mosey, Anne Cronin A Monistic or a Pluralistic Approach to Professional Identity?
1984 Gilfoyle, Elnora M. Transformation of a Profession
1983 Rogers, Joan C. Clinical Reasoning: The Ethics, Science, and Art
1981 Bing, Robert Kendall Occupational Therapy Revisited: A Paraphrastic Journey
1980 Baum, M. Carolyn Occupational Therapists Put Care in the Health System
1979 Hollis, L. Irene Remember?
1978 King, Lorna Jean Toward a Science of Adaptive Responses
1976 Huss, A. Joy Touch With Care or a Caring Touch?
1975 Moore, Josephine C. Behavior, Bias, and the Limbic System
1974 Fiorentino, Mary Occupational Therapy: Realization to Activation
1973 Jantzen, Alice Academic Occupational Therapy: A Career Specialty
1972 Johnson, Jerry A. Occupational Therapy: A Model for the Future
1971 Finn, Geraldine Louise The Occupational Therapist in Prevention Programs
1969 Llorens, Lela A. Facilitating Growth and Development: The Promise of Occupational Therapy
1967 West, Wilma L. Professional Responsibility in Times of Change
1966 Yerxa, Elizabeth June Authentic Occupational Therapy
1965 Fidler, Gail S. Learning as a Growth Process: A Conceptual Framework for Professional Education
1963 Ayres, A. Jean The Development of Perceptual-Motor Activities: A Theoretical Basis for Treatment of Dysfunction
1962 Ackley, Naida The Challenge of the Sixties
1961 Reilly, Mary Occupational Therapy Can Be One of the Great Ideas of 20th-Century Medicine
1960 Zimmerman, Muriel Ellen Devices: Development and Direction
1959 Wegg, Lilian S. The Essentials of Work Evaluation
1958 Rood, Margaret S. Every One Counts
1957 Brunyate, Ruth W. Powerful Levers in Little Common Things
1956 Sokolov, June Therapist into Administrator: Ten Inspiring Years
1955 Stattell, Florence M. Equipment Designed for Occupational Therapy