The Job Outlook for Occupational Therapy

This is a great time to be an occupational therapy practitioner. Don't just take our words for it. It has been consistently ranks high as one of the top jobs, and recession-proof job:

U.S. News & World Report, January 2016:

Ranking of the Best Health Care Jobs: Occupational Therapist is No. 17

Ranking of the Best Health Care Support Jobs: Occupational Therapy Assistant is No. 1

TIME magazine, January 2016:
These 12 Jobs Will Grow 30% by 2024

NPR/, January 2016:

WMAQ-TV NBC 5, January 2016:

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5 Hot Careers in Health Care

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The 12 Best Health Care Jobs of 2013 (OT is No. 3)

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The Best Jobs in Health Care in 2014

CNN Money
, November, 2013:
Best Jobs in America (OT is No. 34)

Newsweek, October 2013:
Occupational Therapy: A Growing Health Care Profession, July 2013:
Career Profile: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Health Callings, April 2013:
Where are all the male OTs?

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10 Jobs with a high starting salary

CNN Money, Jan, 2013
A job with 2% unemployment

AOTA Resources for Students: Your Career in Occupational Therapy: Workforce Trends in Occupational Therapy