AOTA/CDC Falls Prevention Project - Improve Public Policy Response and Medicare Coverage for Fall Prevention and Intervention

In 2009-2010, the American Occupational Therapy Association conducted the Improve the Public Policy Response to Older Adult Fall Prevention Project under a contract with the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (2009-Q-11452).

As the central organizing point for the project, AOTA used the American Geriatric Society/British Geriatric Society’s Clinical Practice Guideline: Prevention of Falls in OlderPersons (2010). The guideline and related materials can be found below.

The project included a review of existing or pending fall prevention supportive policies as well as policy barriers. As a preliminary activity, more than 40 individuals and organizations were contacted to gain information about falls prevention policy issues. In addition, a full report analyzing Medicare policy was prepared. The project brought together more than 50 representatives of the aging, disability, policy, and agency communities for the meeting. Resulting documents include a Final Report and a Meeting Summary as well a summary of a premeeting overview of policy issues.

Advocacy efforts to change policy barriers to fall prevention and treatment continue, including in conjunction with the Falls Free Coalition Advocacy Workgroup.

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