School Mental Health Toolkit

AOTA’s School Mental Health Toolkit is a resource for occupational therapy practitioners working with children and youth in school and community settings to obtain specific knowledge about mental health (MH) promotion, prevention, and intervention and to guide service provision. Each information sheet in the toolkit provides an overview of the topic, implications for occupational therapy, and strategies for MH promotion, prevention, and intervention in a variety of settings.

Reducing Restraint and Seclusion - pdf

Inclusion of Children With Disabilities - pdf

How To Use the Mental Health Information Sheets - pdf

The Cafeteria: Creating a Positive Mealtime Experience - pdf

Anxiety Disorders - pdf

Bullying Prevention - pdf

Childhood Obesity - pdf

Childhood Trauma - pdf

Depression - pdf

Foster Care Info Sheet - pdf

Grief and Loss - pdf

Promoting Strengths - pdf

Recess Promotion - pdf

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)  - pdf