Excellence in Fieldwork Criteria: Fieldwork Site

The following criteria are designed for recognition of current practice as well as preparing fieldwork for the future as the profession moves to realize the Centennial Vision. An exemplar of a fieldwork site of excellence demonstrates:
  • 100% occupational therapy staff has AOTA membership
  • 100% occupational therapy staff has state occupational therapy association membership
  • inclusion of the clinical educator role as a job expectation and performance standards for advancement include effective functioning as fieldwork clinical educator
  • an exemplary fieldwork manual for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants with an ongoing review process
  • quality assurance monitoring on some aspect of providing fieldwork education
  • a reputation for exceptional occupational therapy practice in their practice area
  • the delivery of ethical, evidence-based, and occupation-centered practice
  • staff with working knowledge and use of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework (OTPF)
  • a 5-year history of providing consistent fieldwork education to occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students
  • good collaboration with academic institutions (e.g., site visits, participation in fieldwork-related educational activities at the academic institution, and so on.)
  • staff development in the areas of teaching, assessment of learning, and supervisory skills
  • commitment to manage and adapt to challenging student placements (i.e., find alternative supervisor, assignments, and so on)
  • acceptance of both occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students in Level I and Level II placements
  • consistent positive evaluations from Level I and Level II students
  • institutional commitment to the occupational therapy fieldwork program and meeting students’ needs for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • creative and innovative supervision models