AOTA Fellowship Program

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AOTA Residency Program

Formerly known as AOTA Residency Program

Occupational therapy fellowships are designed to advance a practitioner’s performance and interpersonal skills, critical and ethical reasoning, and overall expertise in a focused area of practice. Fellowship Programs offer opportunities for didactic learning, mentored practice, and scholarship for occupational therapists that have graduated and completed the requirements for licensure. By participating in a Fellowship Program, individuals have the opportunity to advance their clinical skills and become more marketable in the field of occupational therapy as specialized practitioners.

AOTA-Approved Fellowship Programs are between 9 and 12 months long and may be based in hospital systems, schools, or in the community, including within a company. Although Fellowship Programs may differ in some aspects—including program length, admissions process, focus, and curriculum—a program’s central learning objectives and curriculum design must remain consistent with guidelines and standards set forth by AOTA.