Driving & Community Mobility

A Driving Rehab Specialist evaluates a client.Driving crosses all practice areas, from teens to older adults and everyone in between in, covering aspects of Mental Health, Health & Wellness, Rehab & Disability, and Work & Industry. Read "OT-DRIVE: Integrating the IADL of Driving and Community Mobility Into Routine Practice" in OT Practice magazine.

For most of us, driving our own car is how we stay mobile and on the go. Driving is how we see the people we want to see and how we do the things we want to do at our convenience. Staying connected to your community is an important part of your well-being. But changes in our physical, mental, and sensory abilities can challenge our continued ability to drive safely.

Occupational therapy practitioners have the science-based knowledge to understand progressive conditions and life changes that can affect driving. Because occupational therapy practitioners take the time to understand the role that driving plays in your life, they are able to help individuals make a smoother transition from driving to using other forms of transportation. In doing so, they help people maintain their autonomy, independence, and sense of worth. 

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