AOTA's Evidence Exchange

AOTA's Evidence Exchange is a central repository for Critically Appraised Papers (CAPs) and related resources. The Evidence Exchange includes opportunities for members to participate as CAP Submitters as well as CAP Reviewers on an ongoing basis. View timelines.

Please Note: The Evidence Exchange will transition from online CAP submissions to AOTA Annual Conference submissions starting in spring of 2018. Interested CAP authors will have the opportunity to submit their CAP through the Annual Conference Call for Papers, and if accepted, CAP authors will be invited to present their CAP at the poster session at AOTA’s Annual Conference.

The Evidence Exchange is still accepting CAP submissions until December 31, 2017. The current published CAPs and CAPs that are under review will remain on the website until the peer-reviewed articles are over five years old. More information will be posted in spring of 2017.

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*The Evidence Exchange is managed using OASIS—the Online Abstract Submission and Invitation SystemSM. Log in or create a new user account if you are new to the site. 

CAP Reviewers

CAP Reviewers need to have 1 year of post-graduation experience and experience reading and critically appraising research literature.

CAP Reviewers receive contact hours for both the CAP reviewer training and participation as a CAP reviewer. These contact hours might count toward state licensure renewal requirements. Contact your state regulatory board to be certain.

Reviewers commit to the project based on their available time and have the important responsibility of providing quality control.

To become a CAP Reviewer, you need to:

  • Complete the online CAP Reviewer Application.
  • Participate in an online training program

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CAP Submissions

CAPs are at-a-glance summaries of the findings and methods of individual articles.

Before submitting a CAP, please review the CAP Guidelines that provide a step-by-step description of each part of the critical appraisal process. Students submitting CAPs are encouraged to collaborate with a faculty member.

Additional Resources:

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