OT in the News

Media coverage is an important part of raising public awareness about occupational therapy practice and research. Here are some of the most recent stories covered in print and online that emphasize OT in HD by clarifying and focusing on the important work done by occupational therapy practitioners.

8/28/2017: How associations are helping older drivers stay safe behind the wheel (Associations Now)

8/28/2017: Safer cars to keep older drivers on the road (New York Times)

8/23/2017: Growing horticulture program helps with healthy aging (CBS Philadelphia)

8/17/2017: Occupational therapy shown to improve lives of people with chronic pain (Medical Xpress)

8/17/2017: Sisters' invention helps users find more independence (Simi Valley Acorn)

8/16/2017: Hobart man's road to recovery one step at a time (Chicago Tribune)

8/14/2017: ‘I felt like I could do anything’ (The Westminster Window)

8/12/2017: Patients with paralysis learn how to scuba dive at the Kennedy Krieger Institute (The Baltimore Sun)

8/11/2017: The role of occupational therapy in MS (U.S. News & World Report)

8/11/2017: 6 tips for hosting outdoor parties when you have arthritis (Everyday Health)

8/11/2017: Who benefits the most from occupational therapy? (Nearsay)

8/10/2017: 7 ways to conquer rheumatoid arthritis all day (Everyday Health)

8/10/2017: Childhood depression is an ever increasing problem (Blasting News)

8/10/2017: Dietary salt: Does it cause MS progression? (Everyday Health)

8/9/2017: 10 Driving Tips for People with RA (Everyday Health)

8/8/2017: 4 activities to get this year's preschoolers ready for kindergarten next year (WRAL-TV)

8/6/2017: The 50 best jobs in 2017 all pay over $50,000 (The Cheat Sheet)

8/4/2017: Pack it light, wear it tight (Carroll Magazine)

8/1/2017: Fibromyalgia: Surviving an invisible misery (CNN)

7/31/2017: Paralyzed from the waist down, Willie Young III discovers how to be a kid again (The Downey Patriot)

7/31/2017: Backpacks could cause back problems if you're not careful (WJBF-TV ABC 6)

7/28/2017: How dance is helping people with Parkinson’s heal (Durham Herald-Sun)

7/26/2017: Chronic pain patient chooses therapy over narcotics (WBIR-TV NBC)

7/26/2017: Backpack Smarts (New York Lifestyles Magazine, pg. 87)

7/18/2017: First boy to receive double hand transplant can now do this (BBC North America)

7/17/2017: 5 old-school parenting tips that you should still use today (Business Insider)

7/13/2017: Miracle in Progress: Deputy Nick Tullier's recovery (WAFB-TV CBS 9)

7/13/2017: Want to keep your brain sharp? Work longer (MarketWatch)

7/7/2017: Occupational therapy helps every day be Independence Day (The Daily Journal)

7/6/2017: Students use 3-D printer to make prosthetic hands for kids (The Buffalo News)

7/6/2017: 7 Rheumatoid Arthritis-Friendly Hobbies (Everyday Health)

7/4/2017: Autism sometimes gets dismissed by some doctors, family learns in yearlong challenge (San Diego Union-Tribune)

7/3/2017: Occupational therapy eases depression in patients with macular degeneration (Journal of the American Optometric Association)

7/3/2017: What I Wish I’d Known About My Knees (New York Times)

7/2/2017: CarFit helps senior drivers find the best fit (Chicago Tribune)

7/2/2017: Class prepares drivers with autism for traffic stops (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

7/1/2017: 19 Best Jobs for Community College Graduates (U.S. News & World Report)

7/1/2017: Universal design makes homes accessible and pleasing (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

7/1/2017: Students offer art therapy program to incarcerated juveniles (Miami Herald)

6/30/2017: How people with dementia can live at home longer (Next Avenue)

6/30/2017: Correctional officer shot on the job making remarkable progress (ABC 13 Houston)

6/29/2017: 5 Ways to Manage Your Chronic Illness at Work (Business News Daily)

6/28/2017: How to improve driving skills for teens with ADHD (U.S. News & World Report)

6/27/2017: How to care for dementia and Alzheimer's patients at home (International Business Times)

6/25/2017: Fly fisherman in Arkansas helps foster kids (Associated Press)

6/23/2017: Educators get lesson in cursive writing (The Baltimore Times)

6/22/2017: Occupational Therapy Helps Young Adults with Diabetes (Medscape)

6/21/2017: No sudden sounds: PSO performs sensory-friendly show (Pitt News)

6/21/2017: Look Your Best with MS: Grooming Tips for Men and Women (Everyday Health)

6/21/2017: University of Cincinnati study tests electromagnetic pulse that can wake up the brain after a stroke (WCPO-TV)

6/16/2017: Debate swirls on whether cursive is dying art or crucial skill for youths (El Paso Times)

6/16/2017: 3-year-old gets wheels thanks to teen's robotics project (Burlington Free-Press)

6/15/2017: How horses through hippotherapy improve quality of life (MLive)

6/15/2017: How to stay healthy at work (Wahpeton Daily News)

6/13/2017: Brain damage can be lingering scourge of opioid overdoses (WCVB-TV ABC 5)

6/13/2017: Children with disabilities learn social and motor skills through a yoga class (KEVN-TV)

6/13/2017: Stop that Spinner: Alternatives to Fidget Spinners (Red Tricycle)

6/13/2017: Returning to work after injury (The Bennington Banner)

6/12/2017: MS and the decision to use a wheelchair: Is it time? (Everyday Health)

6/11/2017: More About OT (Modern Mom)

6/11/2017: 20 Under 40: Olsonkoski found her calling in helping others (The Missoulian)

6/9/2017: Perspective, programs help older Mainers drive safer longer (Bangor Daily News)

6/9/2017: OT-related exercises for children with autism (Modern Mom)

6/8/2017: Chronic pain tied to dementia in older adults (Psych Central)

6/8/2017: Brain Scans May Help Predict Autism in High-Risk Infants (NBC News)

6/7/2017: There is no shame in enrolling a child in early intervention (Love That Max)

6/6/2017: Keeping your hands healthy and pain-free this summer (The Star-Telegram)

6/6/2017: How to garden without injury (The Bennington Banner)

6/5/2017: Nonprofit helps vets face challenges with video games (KVUE-TV)

6/4/2017: Occupational therapy celebrated in Clifton Springs (The Daily Messenger)

6/3/2017: CarFit helps seniors get more comfortable behind the wheel (Dallas Morning News)

6/2/2017: How to Support People Living With Dementia to Develop Self-Esteem (The Huffington Post)

6/1/2017: Girl meets boy with severed spine. Then her back is broken, but not her faith. (Kansas City Star)

6/1/2017: Reading is good medicine (New York Lifestyles Magazine)

6/1/2017: Osceloa man copes with loss of arm (South Bend Tribune)

5/31/2017: Accelerate Your Analytics: Use Web Analytics to Build Insights (Associations Now)

5/31/2017: Health is more important than a physical: An occupational therapist's perspective (Exceptional Parent Magazine)

5/29/2017: His plane crashed, he ran 5 miles, swam croc-infested river. See what he plans now. (The Indy Star)

5/29/2017: Mom of Child with Special Needs: My Greatest Fear is a Cut to Medicaid" (Health Times)

5/29/2017: She'll leave 'O' one day to help others (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

5/28/2017: Time is everything when it comes to strokes (Press of Atlantic City)

5/24/2014: Therapists for disabled children fight yet another round of Medicaid cuts (Houston Press)

5/24/2017: 31 Ways to Manage Your Psoriatic Arthritis (

5/24/2017: Big worries: Helping kids cope with mental health issues (Low Country Parent)

5/24/2017: What methods can ADHD kids try to cope with their disorder? (U.S. News & World Report)

5/21/2017: How Virtual Reality Can Lead to Real-World Healing (Newsy)

5/21/2017: Special needs league puts kids on the same playing field (Pueblo Chieftan)

5/19/2017: Planning to Age in Place? Find a Contractor Now (New York Times)

5/19/2017: Study finds need for educating older adults on outdoor fall prevention (Science Daily)

5/17/2017: Go Baby Go: A Movement for Mobility (Arizona Daily Sun)

5/17/2017: Making a Difference: Go Baby Go! (Parenting Special Needs)

5/16/2017: Kids should get outside 3 hours every day, expert says & here's how to make it happen (Romper)

5/15/2017: Experts poke holes in claims that fidget spinners can treat ADHD (Yahoo! News)

5/15/2017: No two days alike for elite occupational therapist at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles (USC News)

5/14/2017: 'Boot Camp' Helps Alzheimer's, Dementia Caregivers Take Care of Themselves, Too (Kaiser Health News)

5/12/2017: Schools spinning on what to do with fidget spinners (WILX-TV NBC 10)

5/5/2017: Schools ban fidget spinner toy, except for therapy use, as craze sweeps NYC (DNA Info)

5/4/2017: What Occupational Therapy Can Do For Patients With Traumatic Brain Injuries (Mom Bloggers Club)

5/4/2017: I had a stroke at age 10 and was supposed to spend the rest of my life in a nursing home (Yahoo!)

5/4/2017: The dirty truth about your child’s backpack (KARE-TV NBC 11)

5/4/2017: Alzheimer’s: Breaking Through to Memory (WCSH-TV NBC 6)

5/3/2017: Kids love those fidget spinner toys. But are they a distraction? (The Washington Post)

5/2/2017: What are Fidget Spinners and Why Do Your Kids Want One? (Moneyish)

5/1/2017: Fidget toys touted as focus aids, but teachers see another distraction (Chicago Tribune)

4/30/2017: New fidget toy is all the rage, but some schools say ‘enough’ (Sentinel & Enterprise)

4/28/2017: Illinois dad walks again after crash left him paralyzed (ABC News)

4/28/2017: These are the best jobs of 2017 (Yahoo! Finance)

4/27/2017: The Best Jobs of 2017 (Career Cast)

4/26/2017: Best and Worst Shoes for Ankylosing Spondylitis (Everyday Health)

4/26/2017: 7 Tips for Driving with Ankylosing Spondylitis (Everyday Health)

4/26/2017: 5 in-demand entry-level jobs that pay over $60,000 a year (Yahoo! Finance)

4/26/2017: April is National Occupational Therapy Month (Waukon Standard)

4/26/2017: Video game helping patients rehab from stroke (WVIR-TV NBC 29)

4/26/2017: Occupational therapy boosts quality of life (Times-West Virginian – Associated Press)

4/24/2017: Kids, parents in search of fidget spinners: Do they help? (WTOP-AM)

4/23/2017: Home remedies for carpal tunnel that really work (Reader’s Digest)

4/23/2017: OT’s Work With Children Who Have Autism (Modern Mom)

: Helping patients take back their lives and independence with occupational therapy (KSFY-TV)

4/20/2017: Grasping the Need: Naval Hospital Bremerton Occupational Therapists Provide Handy Support (U.S. Navy)

4/20/2017: Why You Cannot See My Daughter’s Autism (The Huffington Post)

4/19/2017: Careers with the highest projected employment growth (Sioux City Journal)

4/19/2017: Occupational therapist spend birthday making travel accessible (EIN World News)

4/19/2017: April is Occupational Therapy Month: Suggestions to help manage chronic pain (Waukon Standard)

4/19/2017: Benefits of Sensory Play (The Mint Hill Times)

4/19/2017: Learning about occupational therapy (WPTZ-TV NBC 5)

4/18/2017: Occupational therapy’s role with productive aging (WERA-FM 96.7)

4/18/2017: Careers with the highest projected employment growth (The Missoulian)

4/16/2017: Ohioans on Medicaid warily watch D.C. debate (The Blade)

4/15/2017: Adaptive Power Wheels cars give children with disabilities unique opportunity (NBC 12, AZ)

4/15/2017: Magee Rehab's new facility dog makes even therapy fun (Philadelphia Inquirer)

4/14/2017: The future of jobs: More men doing 'women's work' (USA Today)

4/13/2017: Is it Gabe friendly? A push to make the city’s restaurants more accessible (Insider Louisville)

4/13/2017: Don’t worry, robots can’t do everything (Marketplace)

4/12/2017: Milligan students showcase occupational therapy projects (WCYB-TV)

4/11/2017: Occupational Therapy a Century Old (The Times-News)

4/11/2017: Occupational Therapy Celebrating 100th Anniversary (WCBCR Radio 1270 AM)

4/10/2017: Dr. Glen Gillen weighs in on 'Am I losing Ground?' (Stroke Connection)

4/10/2017: HMC's occupational therapy helps patients return to everyday life (The Gulf Times)

4/9/2017: Kearney lawyer stays positive after becoming quadriplegic (The Associated Press)

4/9/2017: Homeless shelter offers programs to guide residents to self-sufficiency (The Times-Reporter)

4/7/2017: Controlling Neuropathic Pain (Diabetes Self-Management)

4/7/2017: What My Autism Heroes Taught Me: A Pediatric Occupational Therapist's View (The Better India)

4/6/2017: Occupational therapy Ups Functioning in Frail Seniors (Health Day)

4/5/2017: Occupational therapist Karen Eustice was 'a pioneer woman' who defended the underdog (Omaha World-Herald)

4/3/2017: Pitt study: Hospital use reduced when caregivers are involved (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

3/31/2017: A great salary is just one benefit of becoming an occupational therapist (Metro)

3/28/2017: What is sensory processing disorder? (WCCO-TV CBS)

3/24/2017: Therapy student develops Parkinson disease program (Sidney Daily News)

3/23/2017: Toddlers get up and go in their own set of wheels (Deseret News)

3/23/2017: Digital-age students fall behind in handwriting skills (The Herald Sun)

3/19/2017: Babies, parents build skills On the Move (WRAL-TV)

3/12/2017: Occupational therapist presents alternative health options (The Record Eagle)

3/11/2017: 25 Must-Have Health Care Jobs of 2017 (MSN)

3/11/2017: Occupational therapy for addiction? Experts say it’s back (Minn Post)

3/11/2017: Centennial Celebration: Clifton Springs remembers therapy pioneers (Daily Messenger)

3/10/2017: Formerly conjoined twins closer to going home (FOX News)

3/10/2017: Pittsburgh therapist invents powerful hitting device (Biz Wire)

3/7/2017: Beauty blogger turns tragedy into triumph (The Doctors)

3/7/2017: Cursive handwriting is a life skill, improves learning (San Jose Mercury News)

3/1/2017: You see a man in a kilt; you don't see his searing pain (Kansas City Star)

2/28/2017: 7 Ways to Make Household Chores Easier with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Everyday Health)

2/28/2017: Dave Roberts wants workers' comp for stress, hand injury (San Diego Union-Tribune)

2/28/2017: Ex-supe’s injury claims: Handful to figure out (San Diego Union-Tribune)

2/27/2017: Day in the life of ambushed officer’s rehab (ABC News)

2/27/2017: 9-Tip Guide to Fatigue-Free Healthy Meal Prep (Everyday Health)

2/27/2017: Cursive still has role in communication (San Antonio Express-News)

2/24/2017: Therapist advises rehab at cancer diagnosis (Lincoln Journal-Star)

2/24/2017: Students in Michigan and Ohio retire to new homes (AP - St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

2/21/2017: After Wives Suffer Stroke, Husbands Adapt to Caregiving Role (Sioux City Journal)

2/20/2017: Crash victim takes first steps toward reclaiming her life (York Dispatch)

2/18/2017: Devices help stroke patients regain hand, arm functionality (Sioux City Journal)
2/17/2017: Managing ADHD: A Personal Story (Canadian Family Magazine)
2/9/2017: Preemies bombarded with noise in first weeks of life (Health Day)

2/7/2017: New 2017 Regulations Affecting Allied Healthcare Therapists (MedTravelers)

2/6/2017: 5 things parents can do to boost a child’s self-esteem (Business Insider)

2/5/2017: OT Issues with Children and Autism (ModernMom)

2/4/2017: Sheep Teaches World that Sensory Kids Aren't Being B-a-a-a-d! (Frederick News-Post)

2/2/2017: New York’s Fastest-Growing Jobs in 2017 (

2/1/2017: Statford Friends School to adopt new curriculum (

2/1/2017: 100 Best Jobs for 2017 (U.S. News & World Report)

2/1/2017: Best Health Care Jobs for 2017 (U.S. News & World Report)

1/31/2017: The housing crunch for older adults nears (Realtor Magazine)

1/29/2017: For years doctors wrongly diagnosed these strange episodes as panic attacks (The Washington Post)

1/29/2017: Returning to work after a stroke (Safety & Health Magazine)

1/29/2017: How to build resilience when living with MS (Everyday Health)

1/27/2017: 10 High-Paying Jobs Where You Can Help Other People (The Toledo Blade)

1/26/2017: How to make mealtime more enjoyable for picky eaters (KTSU-TV Fox 13)

1/24/2017: The best jobs in America for 2017 (Glassdoor)

1/23/2017: Artist with paralysis paints Trump with her mouth (Elite Daily)

1/18/2017: How to keep Mom & Dad safe for winter driving (The Cape Gazette)

1/17/2017: 5 Tips for Practicing Yoga with Arthritis (U.S. News & World Report)

1/13/2017: Those seeking health care assistant positions can expect a range of options (Houston Chronicle)

1/13/2017: Cities of the Old (Politico)

1/11/2017: Addicts at Birth: Ocean View’s ‘tik babies’ (MSN)

1/9/2017: 8 signs your child may need occupational therapy (

1/3/2017: Can America’s aging stay in their homes? (MSN)

1/1/2017: Man recovering a year after his wife was told to plan his funeral (WIFR-TV CBS 23)

1/1/2017: Occupational therapist creates dance class for kids with special needs (The Augusta Chronicle)



12/30/2016: Tips for creating a home for aging owners (The New York Times)

12/30/2016: Home renovation for the golden years (The New York Times)

12/29/2016: How to improve fine motor skills in toddlers (Reader’s Digest)

12/28/2016: Winnipeg woman learns to tango following stroke recovery (CBC Canada)

12/28/2016: Therapy dogs used for motivation, recovery (My Suburban Life)

12/23/2016: Amish boy gets unexpected help from twin after burns (Akron Beacon Journal)

12/23/2016: Occupational therapy can ease symptoms of ‘chemo brain’ (Minn Post)

12/22/2016: Occupational therapy may have potential to slow down functional decline (ScienMag)

12/20/2016: How to create a safe ‘aging-in-place’ home (The Oklahoman)

12/14/2016: Georgia two-year-old already a comeback kid (WAGA-TV Fox 5 Atlanta)

12/13/2016: Veteran who received life-changing double-arm transplant shows off progress (ABC News)

12/13/2016: 8 tips to ensure a happier, safer holiday for older guests (Yahoo! Finance)

12/13/2016: Lifelike dolls ease anxiety in nursing homes (The Gazette)

12/12/2016: How the International Spy Museum transformed for a day to welcome people with autism (The Washington Post)

12/9/2016: How to keep the holidays from overloading the senses of autistic children (The Dallas Morning News)

12/8/2016: Univ. of St. Augustine trains occupational therapy students to assist older drivers for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week (Yahoo! Finance)

12/5/2016: Sensitive Santas give special needs children a calm, quiet visit (The Kansas City Star)

12/5/2016: In Jordan hospital, mental trauma scars children blown apart by bombs (Reuters – AOL News)

12/5/2016: Younger stroke victims face unique challenges (CBS Philadelphia)

12/5/2016: Low vision therapy makes life more navigable (Lawrence World-Journal)

12/5/2016: Older Driver Awareness Week promotes safety (

12/4/2016: Weekend Warriors: Elite triathlete Sheri Branum also helps others re-learn to walk and run (ESPN)

12/4/2016: Poster child conquering obstacles (Odessa American)

12/2/2016: Reduce your holiday stress (KCRG-TV)

12/2/2016: Students design devices to help the disabled (San Diego Union-Tribune)

11/28/2016: For first native Hawaiian canoe paralympian, life is 'being extraordinary' (NBC News)

11/28/2016: Family gives thanks after son comes home from the hospital (ABC 13 Houston)

11/20/2016: Vets open business to teach adaptive driving (WUSA-TV CBS 9)

11/20/2016: Assess seniors' driving skills to protect their well-being (The Herald-Mail)

11/18/2016: Woman injured in car crash raises two children (WISN-TV ABC 12)

11/11/2016: 'Let's face it, keeping children sedentary for most of their waking hours is causing harm' (The Washington Post)

11/8/2016: Occupational therapists’ call to cut hospital admission (BBC)

11/8/2016: Why occupational therapists could be the answer to easing pressure on hospitals (Wales Online)

11/6/2016: Amid new polio-like cases, Bremerton teen struggles to recover from past outbreak (Seattle Times)

11/6/2016: Want a better chance to stay out of a nursing home? Modify your home (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

11/4/2016: New studies find links between quality of care and hospital readmissions (Provider Magazine)

11/3/2016: School across St. Louis learning how past trauma affects learning (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

11/2/2016: 22 Ways to Ease Your Heart Failure Symptoms (Everyday Health)

10/27/2016: 18 Steps to Fall Proofing Your Home (NCOA Blog)

10/25/2016: To learn about aging, college students move into retirement community (NPR Stateside)

10/23/2016: Rae Carruth’s son will be at prison gates (The Charlotte Observer)

10/21/2016: Musicians get hurt a lot: Paging Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray (Johns Hopkins Magazine)

10/20/2016: Their first goal in rural N.C. was disaster relief. The other: Being the face of Islam in a red state (The Washington Post)

10/20/2016: 9 Bedtime Routines for Children that Actually Work (Romper)

10/16/2016: Chemo brain challenges cancer patients (Burlington Free Press)

10/12/2016: How crochet helped after traumatic brain injury (

10/12/2016: Can faith help cure PTSD? (San Diego Union-Tribune)

10/11/2016: This service dog is wowing the Internet with her impressive skills (CBS News)

10/11/2016: Hottest costumes of the Halloween season & tips for celebrating with autism (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

10/10/2016: Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Kristan Mosley’s Therapy Farm (WXPI-TV)

10/5/2016: Veteran plans to get 'dream job' as chef after double arm transplant (Good Morning America)

10/5/2016: Huntington Beach quadruple amputee is now a makeup star on Instagram (Orange County Register)

10/5/2016: The public health crisis in mental illness (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

10/5/2016: How occupational therapy can help your RA symptoms (Everyday Health)

10/4/2016: With the cursive debate settled, teachers need to take action (

10/4/2016: NJ riding programs help improve health of those with special needs (

10/2/2016: Lymphedema can be issue for some after cancer surgery (Herald & Review)

9/30/2016: Crochet as occupational therapy (

9/23/2016: Older drivers make up fastest-growing segment of motorists (

9/20/2016: Backpack Awareness Day teaches kids and parents how to safely wear a backpack (WMAR-TV ABC 2)

9/20/2016: Ask Mr. Dad: Lightening the load of kids’ backpacks (Charlotte Observer)

9/15/2016: Parents @ Play: Backpacks & More (The Sacramento Bee)

9/12/2016: How to prevent falls at home (The Oklahoman)

9/8/2016: 12 Pain Relief Tips for Knee Osteoarthritis (Everyday Health)

9/5/2016: The arms belonged to someone else. Grueling work made them his own (The Boston Globe)

9/5/2016: Quinnipiac students will spend academic year with residents at assisted living facility (New Haven Register)

9/2/2016: How to choose the best backpack for your child (Consumer Affairs)

9/1/2016: 25 Fastest-Growing Jobs in America (USA Today)

8/31/2016: Police officer makes strides in recovery after being shot in line of duty (WFAA-TV KHOU-TV ABC 8)

8/31/2016: After cancer treatment, what next for survivors? (Philadelphia Inquirer)

8/30/2016: 5 High-Paying Jobs with Rising Salaries (Business Insider)

8/29/2016: Trouble sleeping? Listen to what your body is telling you (The Huffington Post)

8/27/2016: Michigan students to live among retirees for research (Detroit Free Press)

8/26/2016: This assisted living facility is designed to look like tiny houses on a golf course (Good Housekeeping)

8/25/2016: Buying backpack that won’t hurt kids’ backs (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

8/24/2016: Zion Harvey: Transplanted hands are “amazing” (CNN)

8/23/2016: Boy with double-hand transplant: "I feel happy, but I don't feel different" (Philadelphia Inquirer)

8/22/2016: Oh Great, Your Smartphone is Making You Physically Weaker (The Huffington Post)

8/21/2016: Backpack Safety 101 (BU Today)

8/19/2016: Car-buying tips for senior drivers (

8/19/2016: Backpack Awareness: Pack it Light, Wear it Right! (Star-Journal)

8/19/2016: Blue Cut fire: When natural disasters bring out the best in us (KPCC-FM)

8/15/2016: Think safety first when choosing, wearing backpacks (Chicago Tribune)

8/15/2016: Hacks can ease the trials of aging (The New York Times)

8/15/2016: When Children Are Diagnosed with a Sensory Disorder (The Wall Street Journal)

8/14/2016: Student overcomes brain tumor, aftermath (Augusta Chronicle)

8/12/2016: Patients have fun while rehabbing (Fremont Tribune)

8/11/2016: Do Backpacks Create Lifelong Structural Issues? (Goop)

8/11/2016: Iraq veteran draws on own struggle to heal others (Aerotech News)

8/9/2016: How to lighten the load of heavy school backpacks (The Miami Herald)

8/8/2016: How Pokémon GO is helping seniors recover from injuries (U.S. News & World Report)

8/8/2016: Study links Zika virus to joint problems in babies (USA Today)

8/8/2016: Get your bell rung? Don’t take it lightly (Aspen Times)

8/6/2016: Pushing elderly patients to keep moving (Modern Healthcare Magazine)

8/5/2016: ‘Out of the flames of hell’ (The Seattle Times)

8/4/2016: Injured Camp Pendleton man finds healing in woodworking (Stars and Stripes)

8/4/2016: How to wear backpacks the right way (WWL-TV)

8/1/2016: Putting together the Pieces: New Orleans doctors and therapists make autism navigable (Gabmit Weekly)

8/1/2016: Horseback therapy center offers benefits to individuals with speech needs (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

8/1/2016: Could occupational therapy enhance your quality of life? (Harvard Health)

7/29/2016: Autism and learning to write (Autism Speaks)

7/28/2016: Healthbeat: Hippotherapy (KELO-TV)

7/26/2016: Backpack Shopping 101: Tips to Avoid a Pain in the Neck (Macaroni Kid)

7/26/2016: Once all but left for dead, is cursive writing making a comeback? (The Washington Post)

7/26/2016: 12 Assistive Devices for Psoriatic Arthritis (Everyday Health)

7/25/2016: Pack your child’s backpack like a pro (Tampa Bay Parenting)

7/25/2016: 7 Tips for Older Driver Safety (Yuma News Now)

7/23/2016: Program helps families ‘talk about driving’ with seniors (Reuters)

7/23/2016: Helping Maryland children eat – 1 Rice Krispie at a time (The Washington Times)

7/21/2016: Occupational therapists explore the serious side of play (The Birmingham Times)

7/21/2016: 10 Ways That Make Life With MS Easier (Everyday Health)

7/20/2016: Play time is therapy time (Florida Times-Union)

7/20/2016: Marine vet hurt in attack now helps others as UNC occupational therapy student (WNCN-TV CBS)

7/18/2016: 6 Tips for Hosting Outdoor Parties When You Have Arthritis (Everyday Health)

7/18/2016: Medical treatment on horseback used as therapy tool for children (Greer Today)

7/18/2016: With determination and right therapy plan, recovery is possible (Midland Daily News)

7/16/2016: Healing horses to move to a home of their own (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

7/14/2016: Pokemon-Go helps Oklahoma occupational therapy patients with hand-eye coordination (KOCO-TV)

7/13/2016: Therapies give patients voice, help with movements (Bowling Green Daily News)

7/7/2016: Growing up with sensory processing disorder (FOX News Health)

7/6/2016: Not your average occupational therapist (The News & Observer)

7/6/2016: Aging in Place: How to Design a House That Will Fit Your Needs in the Future (Palm Beach Post)

7/5/2016: With hippotherapy, the horse provides the therapy (The New York Times)

7/5/2016: Making the Grade: National program focuses on handwriting skills (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

6/29/2016: The day an occupational therapist changed my life (The Guardian)

6/29/2016: “It’s like trying to stop a train”: Therapy providers want Medicaid rate cuts halted (Houston Press)

6/29/2016: Activities for babies: 6 to 12 months (Parents)

6/28/2016: Summer program at Quinnipiac University helps students with special needs gain life skills (New Haven Register)

6/27/2016: Changing attitudes, parents, help addicted babies thrive (Associated Press)

6/26/2016: Boy learns to walk again with help of therapy dogs (Akron Beacon Journal)

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12/31/2012: Decatur man gets ‘bionic hand’ after accident (AP/Times Free-Press)

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8/9/2012: Auto Anxiety: Some returning veterans struggle with driving

8/9/2012: When temper tantrums are something more

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8/5/2012: For wounded troops, outings are a chance to heal

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5/26/2012: WWRC helps teens, adults learn the freedom of driving

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5/16/2012: Early rehab paves road to recovery for stroke patient

5/16/2012: Head Lag - Neck and Muscle Weakness - May be Sign of Autism in 6-Month-Olds

5/15/2012: A Brave Young Woman's Heroic Journey (OT student honored by The Ellen Degeneres Show)

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5/10/2012: A schoolwide ‘Movement’

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5/4/2012: Programs at VA Palo Alto helping treat PTSD

5/1/2012: Florence Clark Shines in National Spotlight

5/1/2012: The Unsung Heroes of South Africa's HIV and AIDS War

4/29/2012: Event aims to ease senior drivers' woes

4/29/2012: Former POW Jessica Lynch speaks at AOTA's 92nd Annual Conference & Expo in Indianapolis

4/28/2012: Toddler begins eating after treatment at West Bloomfield children's clinic

4/26/2012: 4 Qualities That Make a Good Job Great

4/25/2012: In Sickness & in Health

4/25/2012: Annual Conference Focuses on Keeping Older Drivers Safe

4/24/2012: Returning troops have more auto accidents

4/23/2012: Tips for a Safe Gardening Workout.

4/21/2012: TBI clinic takes individual approach to care

4/21/2012: More soldiers diagnosed with TBI

4/22/2012: One-of-a-kind center gives hope to children born without upper limbs

4/22/2012: Video: Home Safety and Fall Prevention for Older Adults

4/20/2012: Boy shot in head makes remarkable recovery

4/6/2012: Sensory Fun

4/19/2012: At son's side 'is where I'm meant to be'

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9/27/11: Case Study: Targeting the Right Market, by Inc. Magazine October issue.

8/2/11: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Road to Recovery Includes Stop on House Floor

7/25/11: Boston University is launching a study, led by Dr. Karen Jacobs, this fall to explore iPads as ergonomical learning tools.

7/18/11: OT students at the University of Missouri help janitors do their jobs in a way that's less physically stressful

7/18/11: Washington University Assistant Professor Susan Stark explains a new study that shows people with early stage Alzheimer's have a higher risk of falling

7/18/11: New website by pediatric occupational therapist Aviva Weiss gives kids a chance to design their own clothes

7/18/11: Assistant professor at USC's Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Lisa Aziz-Zadeh explains the source of empathy in the brain

7/17/11: Carol Haertlein Sells, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor of occupational therapy, recently finished a two-year stint in the Army where she helped set up an OT doctoral program

7/15/11: The Army focuses on concussion. Soldiers now get treated for brain injuries in the field.

6/28/11: The University of Louisiana is developing an online occupational therapy program to meet the state's healthcare and work-force needs.

6/28/11: Love flip flop? OT Karen Jacobs gives advice on preventing achy feet.

6/27/11: OT Christina Frazier runs the "Write Stuff" handwriting program for children ages 5-12

6/27/11: OT Charles E. Gallagher helps students with autism and other challenges how meditation can ease anxiety.

6/25/11: Youngest Loser competition helps children fight obesity.

6/25/11: Website Road Runner links to AJOT article on "Health Literacy in Occupational Therapy Practice and Research,"

6/24/11: AOTA President Florence Clark, lead author of the Well Elderly 2 study, explains the benefits of OT intervention in older people to

6/24/11: Long waits keep San Francisco therapy patients waiting for care.

6/21/11: OT transforms theater for film-goers with Autism, after reading an article AOTA posted about a similar movie theater in Vancouver.

6/15/11: OT Katya Feder explains how handwriting engages different brain circuits than keyboarding.

6/11/11: News Oklahoma reports on boomers aging in place with the help of home builders and occupational therapists

6/8/11: USC Well Elderly 2 study (See links below):

6/8:11: The Atlantic Journal Constitution ran an article on WellStar Cobb Hospital uses a garden in occupational therapy.

6/3/11: Mack Ivy, OTR, MOT, helps terminal patients engage in meaningful activities in Manvel News Feed article.

5/30/11: OT Marc Samuels on San Francisco, CA KGO-TV about his program that helps veterans with PTSD.

5/23/11: OT Professor Karen Jacobs explains how posture plays a part in today's tech world on the Boston Globe.

5/19/11: Des Moines Register's coverage of a CarFit Event with nice pictures.

5/18/11: Photo essay on Reuters on OT Carly Rogers and her Surf Therapy.

5/17/11: Scientific American blog cites AJOT Article on childhood play.

5/16/11: NPR spoke with OT Sarina Piergrossi, Clinical Manager, Brain Injury Program, Kessler Institute for Brain Rehabilitation.

5/11/11: WTOP, the #1 radio station in the Washington, D.C. market, reported on the new Walter Reed located in Bethesda. OT was mentioned throughout the series.

5/2/11: El Paso Times article on Occupational Therapy: Still a Mystery to Many.

4/27/11: New York Times article, "Case for Cursive" quotes AOTA's own Sandy Schefkind!

4/20/11: also ranked OT as one of the top ten least stressful jobs!

4/19/11: The Milford Daily News on What is an Occupational Therapist

4/19/11: MSNBC article on Occupational therapy's role in the rehabilitation of Emily Fennell, a California woman who received a hand transplant

4/19/11: CBS News article on What's Next for Emily Fennel's Hand Transplant.

4/7/11: Fort Drum Mountaineer Health and Wellness article on OT Chief Wins Army Medical Award.

4/5/11: An article in the Charlotte Observer about the rehabilitation of Rep. Gabriel Giffords describes occupational therapy as the one that "most concretely prepares a patient for release."

2/26/11: AOTA's Laurel Radley talks about the value of Wii games in the lives of seniors.

2/18/11: Dr. Karen Jacobs interviewed by TechNewsDaily in an article on technology use and injury prevention.

2/13/11: Wall Street Journal article that heavily quotes Dr. Karen Jacobs about why some occupations cause injuries to workers.

2/10/11: Aging in Place featured on HGTVPro, with an OT working with a builder working together.

1/24/11: The stories below reference how occupational therapy will aid Rep. Gifford's recovery.