COP Seeking Review on “The Role of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care”


The AOTA Commission on Practice (COP) thanks you for your interest and time in providing comments on The Role of Occupational Therapy in Primary Care currently under review.


The motion for this document was proposed by President Stoffel and forwarded to the Representative Assembly Coordinating Committee (RACC) in the fall of 2013 and in turn directed to the COP. This paper was developed in response to rapid changes within the health care arena, which offer significant opportunity for the profession of occupational therapy.

Primary care settings are becoming more proactive with regard to disease and disability prevention, recognizing the need for patient education and lifestyle modification to make healthy living a reality. Occupational therapy practitioners, by virtue of their knowledge of disease and disability, and the significant role that habits and routines have in the lives of individuals, are distinctly suited to work within primary care settings as valuable team members. Occupational therapy practitioners would collaborate with other primary care providers such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and patient advocates by providing education regarding lifestyle choices and modification, strategies for prevention of disability, interventions for current participation-limiting concerns, and suggestions for referrals to appropriate community resources.

This document will be a valuable tool for policy staff and other stakeholders, both internal and external, as they create awareness for the role of occupational therapy in primary care settings during this time of rapid healthcare change. Occupational therapy in primary care will offer future clients the tools they will need to prevent health concerns that limit their participation in all desired areas of occupation.

This document was written by content experts within this area of practice and overseen by the COP.

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