Special issue of Occupational Therapy in Health Care based on the AOTA/NHTSA Gaps and Pathways Project for Medically-at-Risk Older Drivers

This unique and dedicated issue pulls together papers from occupational therapists with expertise in driver rehabilitation and community mobility as well as researchers in the fields of gerontology, medicine, and psychology. The papers in this issue are all a result of the Gaps and Pathways Project, a three year collaborative project through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

As the Project Director of the Gaps and Pathways Project, Elin Schold Davis, AOTA's Coordinator of the Older Driver Initiative, assisted in the editing of the papers, and introduces the series of manuscripts. As a project consultant and editor of the journal, Dr. Anne Dickerson worked with each of the authors from the project’s expert panel to develop the resources and papers that will provide occupational therapy practitioners with a rich source of information and guidance in promoting and facilitating their clients participation in the community whether driving, using public transportation, walking, or support of their family or community.

Please visit the Occupational Therapy in Health Care Journal website to download the two papers below. Both papers are available in full text (free open access) between April 24 and May 24, 2014.

Driver Rehabilitation Programs: Defining Program Models, Services, and Expertise
Amy Lane, Elizabeth Green, Anne E. Dickerson, Elin Schold Davis, Beth Rolland, Janet T. Stohler

Decision Tool for Clients with Medical Issues: A Framework for Identifying Driving Risk and Potential to Return to Driving
Anne E. Dickerson, Michel Bédard