The Emerging Niche: What's Next in Your Practice Area?

By Stephanie Yamkovenko

Note: In 2011, AOTA identified topics as emerging niches in occupational therapy. Today, many of these topics have become mainstream.

To meet society’s occupational needs, occupational therapy practitioners need to respond to how society is changing and evolving. To help our members do that, AOTA has researched trends in the six broad areas of practice defined through the Centennial Vision process.

The following emerging niches consist of topics, conditions, populations, and more. To find out what is next in your practice area, and why, click and learn how to become a part of something new and exciting and—most importantly—that will continue the profession on the journey toward the Centennial Vision.

Children & Youth Emerging Niches

Health & Wellness Emerging Niches

Mental Health Emerging Niches

Productive Aging Emerging Niches

Rehabilitation, Disability, & Participation Emerging Niches

Work & Industry Emerging Niches

Education Emerging Niches