World Federation of Occupational Therapists

The 16th World Congress of OT met in Yokohama, Japan in June 2014. Imagine 6,400 delegates (participants) from 72 countries gathered to share and learn from each other. Prepare for your Congress experience in Cape Town, South Africa 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions About The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)

What is WFOT?

The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) is the official international organization that supports and promotes occupational therapy around the world. Currently there are 72 member countries representing 350,000 practitioners internationally. The United States was an original founding country of the WFOT and has been a member since 1952.

The WFOT provides information and resources on various topics and has an official publication, the WFOT Bulletin, which it produces in electronic format biannually. Visit the WFOT web site.

How Do I Join WFOT?

You must be a member of your country's membership organization (AOTA) in order to become a WFOT member. In addition to AOTA membership fees, the additional fees for WFOT membership are:

  • Student - $27

  • OTA - $30

  • OT - $32

  • Associate - $60

    To apply for AOTA membership or to add WFOT membership.

    I am a WFOT member. How do I access the "Members Only" resources on the WFOT web site?

    You need to register once online.

    • Go to to set up your account for the first time. Click on "Membership > Already a Member? > set up your account online." or
    • Click here to be taken directly to the form to be completed.
    • Important: Your Membership Number for WFOT is the same as your AOTA member ID (minus any prefix zeros at the front of the number).
    • Once complete and you have established a username and password, you may "Login" and access Members Only resources at any time.

      AOTA Delegates to WFOT

      WFOT Delegate
      Moses N. Ikiugu, PHD, OTR/L
      Term of Office: 2015-2019

      WFOT Alternate Delegate
      Ginny Stoffel, PhD, OT, BCMH, FAOTA
      Term of Office: 2016-2020

      AOTA International Liaison
      Rebecca E. Argabrite Grove, MS, OTR/L
      AOTA voice mail: 1-800-877-1383, ext. 2045