Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) Handbook

Created by the 2014–2015 AOTA Assembly of Student Delegates Steering Committee (ASDSC)

This handbook is intended to help occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students develop and sustain successful student occupational therapy associations (SOTAs). It is hoped this handbook will facilitate increased SOTA productivity, engagement, communication, and teamwork. S O T A Handbook


  • To strengthen SOTA development and sustainability
  • To maximizes SOTA effectiveness and efficiency

Suggested uses for this SOTA Handbook:

  • Use it throughout the year to guide operations for programming activities, running a meeting, budgeting, fundraising, running elections, supporting officer positions and transitions, and more.
  • Customize it by adding pertinent information for your specific SOTA leadership roles, events, and procedures.
  • Use it in new and innovative ways in order to maximize your SOTA's success.
  • Pass it down year after year to subsequent SOTA Leadership Teams to ensure successful officer transitions.

SOTA Operations:

SOTA Activities:

Download a print version of the SOTA Handbook for officer transition binders.

To share your ideas, suggestions, and questions about the SOTA handbook, email


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