Conference Charity: Project PLASE

Founded in 1974 in Baltimore City, Project PLASE (People Lacking Ample Shelter and Employment) has grown from occupying the upstairs of a row house and offering walk-in services to homeless citizens, to providing transitional and permanent housing and support services to 450 underprivileged individuals annually. The transitional housing program serves homeless individuals who are former offenders, and those who have special needs, such as those living with mental illness, HIV/AIDS, addiction, and developmental disabilities. The temporary housing provides 24-hour support services and daily meals, making it easier for residents to focus on getting back on their feet. As residents stabilize, they are encouraged to transition to permanent affordable housing with continued supports offered by Project PLASE, e.g., Shelter Plus Care or Single Room occupancy (SRO) and the HUD 202 Program. 

Project PLASE treats, restores, and rehabilitates the whole person, empowering each individual to function at the highest level possible. In fulfilling this mission, Project PLASE provides case management, on-site nursing, mental and behavioral health treatment, medication management, HIV education, daily living skills classes, assistance with transportation, and referrals for medical needs. Residents are encouraged to get involved in advocacy and socialization through the client advisory board, peer counseling, and weekly house meetings.

Please consider making a donation to Project PLASE when you register for the conference