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AOTA is at the heart of the ever-expanding profession of occupational therapy, bringing companies face-to-face with professionals who fuel the growth of the industry and improve the lives of millions. Make a positive and lasting impression by interacting face-to-face with your targeted market and developing brand recognition among the profession.

Connect with the largest gathering of occupational therapy professions--more than 8,000 researchers, practitioners, educators, administrators, and students--and over 375 exhibitors at the 2018 Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City, UT!

Target your occupational therapy audience by participating in one of AOTA’s Specialty Conferences, the AOTA/NBCOT National Student Conclave, Academic Leadership Council Meetings & Textbook Expo, or by sponsoring Occupational Therapy Month

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  • 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Salt Lake CityCall 301-652-6611 or 800-877-1383, ext. 2861 
  • Fax 301-656-4890 
  • E-mail: Tracy Hammond at

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