Help OT Be a Part of a Possible New Health Care Model: Submit Ideas to CMS

Stephanie Yamkovenko

The federal government is considering testing new payment and service delivery models in health care. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is seeking feedback to help develop a new model that could accomplish the aims of better care and better health at lower costs. It is seeking, “information about large scale transformation of clinician practices.”

AOTA believes this is an opportunity for occupational therapy practitioners to assert an important role for occupational therapy in what could be the future of health care by submitting ideas and comments.

“CMS doesn't define what it means by transformation of clinician practice,” says Chuck Willmarth, AOTA’s director of health policy and state affairs. “We believe the term means radically changing practice in order to achieve better results, which could include reinventing service delivery and not just making changes to existing practice.”

If you have had any experience or lessons learned from improvement programs in the areas of transformed clinical practices, consider submitting comments to CMS by April 8. AOTA will be filing responses, but feedback from clinicians in the field is important.

“The CMS Innovation Center has the legal authority and the funding to test new practice and payment models,” says Willmarth. “It is important to note that new models could include participation by a variety of payers including Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance plans.”

As you prepare your responses, use objective, empirical, and actionable evidence. CMS is interested in the lessons learned from improvement programs in the areas of transformed clinical practices, health services delivery, community organization/mobilization, and other disciplines.

CMS is looking for information that can inform the quality improvement of services delivered in health care systems or the promotion of health through community-based organizations.

The request for information (RFI) includes 35 questions categorized into these areas:

  • Practice transformation strategies, resources, and opportunities
  • Challenges and lessons learned in practice transformation engagement
  • Engagement, partnership, and continuous learning in practice transformation
  • Current engagement in CMS models

Submit comments here by Tuesday, April 8.

Get additional information about the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative here.

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Stephanie Yamkovenko is AOTA's web editor.