Students and the Centennial Vision

"We envision that occupational therapy is a powerful, widely recognized, science-driven, and evidence-based profession with a globally connected and diverse workforce meeting society's occupational needs."

What is it?

The Centennial Vision creates a road map for the future of occupational therapy while commemorating our 100th anniversary in 2017. Since 2003, the development of the Centennial Vision included strategic planning, ongoing research, and extensive profession-wide dialogue. Several thousand students, educators, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants participated in identifying important trends and change drivers, barriers to practice, and emerging practice areas relevant to occupational therapy services.

What does it mean?

Powerful: Building a strong educational foundation in order to hold leadership roles in health care delivery systems, to be active in policymaking, and to use technology in providing services.

Widely recognized: Communicating clearly the value of our profession and increasing demand for our services.

Science-driven: Engaging in research and blending science-based knowledge with occupation-based practice.

Evidence-based: Basing practice on the best evidence available and making the efficacy of occupational therapy public.

Globally connected and diverse workforce: Building a network of students, educators, practitioners, scientists, and entrepreneurs through AOTA membership which funds advocacy and marketing of our profession in order to link with other professionals locally and globally.

Occupational needs: Identifying what occupational needs are emerging, or are not being met, and how occupational therapy can fill the void.

How students are integrating the Centennial Vision:

How can I contribute to the future of occupational therapy?

  • Prepare clear and simple answers to questions like, “what is occupational therapy?” and be proactive about sharing our profession’s value and contribution to society.
  • Encourage others to join AOTA and your state occupational therapy association to stay informed and continue building the diversity of our network and resources.
  • Explore and apply evidence-based practice in your learning experiences using your school’s online databases and available resources through AOTA.
  • Share your stories of what you are doing to support the Centennial Vision

Created by Grace Chen as part of her participation in AOTA's Class of 2010 Emerging Leaders Development Program.