Promote the Profession: The Brand

The Occupational Therapy Brand Is Important

You are important in the job you do every day. And the people you serve are important.

The brand is a powerful tool created with you in mind. It is a message that you can share with others to explain how occupational therapy helps people engage in living life to its fullest.

Within our profession there have always been variations on defining what we do. “Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest®” embraces those variations and crystallizes in a few words what the profession stands for, and the positive impact practitioners have on the lives of those we serve.

The AOTA “Brand Toolbox" below provides the tools you need to help spread the message. It includes logos and suggestions for using the tools in print and online. It also includes a poster that you can hang in your clinic, office, school, etc., and a wallet guide that gives you convenient tips for furthering the “OT message” as effectively as possible.

When occupational therapy says the impossible is possible, we help people live life to its fullest. When occupational therapy sets unreachable goals and makes them reachable, we help people live life to its fullest.