Jeanette Bair Writer's Award

Jeanette Bair retired from AOTA in 1999 after serving as the executive director for 12 years (out of 21 with the Association). One of her many achievements during that time was to facilitate the creation of OT Practice magazine, and in 2000 AOTA established the Jeanette Bair Writer’s Award to be given annually to an OT Practice author in her honor. To be considered for the award, the following criteria must be met:
  1. The article must be published in OT Practice.
  2. The article must be a feature article.
  3. The subject matter of the article should inspire occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to use their management and leadership skills to create better access to OT services and to promote the profession.
  4. The author must be an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant and a member of AOTA.
  5. The article must be timely and present original ideas.
  6. The writing must be clear, concise, readable, and powerful.
  7. The author must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the topic and, where appropriate, thorough research.

A winner is selected annually (based on calendar year). The name of the winner is announced at AOTA’s Annual Conference and Expo and published in OT Practice and on the Web site.

See a list of past winners here.