Media/Film Crew Guidelines for AOTA Conferences

These guidelines are applicable to all members of the media during AOTA conferences. To obtain a press pass, please contact the AOTA manager of media and public relations, Katie Riley, at 301-652-6611, ext. 2963, or

  • Media representatives must present identification to verify affiliation with print, broadcast, or recognized Internet media. Freelance writers must submit a letter of assignment or letter of intent from the media outlet being represented. Unassigned freelance writers must present bylined articles from a recognized news organization for consideration. Business cards or membership cards from communications or writers’ organizations are not sufficient to establish eligibility.
  • Press passes are available only to working media representatives who can show evidence that their attendance is expected to result in coverage of the meeting or event in print, broadcast, or Internet media.
  • Media representatives will not be given Conference tote bags or other complimentary items (e.g., food, beverages, Expo Hall giveaways).
  • Media representatives may NOT also register as exhibitors. Dual-role publishers/editors may obtain a press pass if they meet the other criteria outlined in these guidelines.
  • AOTA reserves the right to limit media access to AOTA-sponsored meetings and events.
  • AOTA reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone registering as media.
  • Based on space requirements, AOTA reserves the right to limit the number of press badges issued to a single media organization.
  • AOTA will not issue press passes to a publisher’s or publication’s advertising, marketing, public relations, or sales representatives; publishers, editors, or reporters from manufacturers’ house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors; writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity; or other individuals or their representatives who are not actually reporting on the meeting or event. Any press pass holder who sells, markets, or represents a company or organization for the purpose of obtaining advertising, sales, or subscriptions from any meeting registrant or exhibitor immediately forfeits press credentials.
  • AOTA program content may not be used to develop continuing education materials without the express written consent of AOTA.
  • Live broadcasts from any AOTA event or session may not occur without written consent from the public relations manager.
  • Filming, photographing, and live broadcasting of any kind anywhere within the AOTA Conference is allowed only at the discretion of the media relations manager.
  • Footage from AOTA sessions and the Expo Hall may not be promoted or shared. Please contact the media relations manager for more information.
  • Camera crews and photographers must be accompanied at all times by AOTA staff.
  • Exhibitors who plan on having a film crew videotape their booth must contact the AOTA media relations manager. Exhibitors may hold their own press conferences and are responsible for making their own arrangements. Please notify the media relations manager in advance so we can reroute press queries.
  • In addition to following all AOTA rules and regulations, film crews and photographers must also follow the city’s fire safety and union regulations.

If you have any questions, contact Katie Riley, AOTA’s manager of media and public relations, at 301-652-6611 ext. 2963, or