AOTA Responds

While the profession of occupational therapy is becoming more widely recognized as a science-driven, evidence-based profession that helps people of all ages participate in the daily activities that occupy their time, instances of misrepresentations still occur. Occupational therapy is sometimes incorrectly portrayed in the media or omitted altogether. When that happens, AOTA responds. In tradition with our mission to educate the public about the distinct value of occupational therapy, below is a sampling of AOTA’s work to correct inaccurate portrayals of the profession.

If you see an inaccurate portrayal of OT in the media, we encourage you to respond. Often times, responses from individual occupational therapy practitioners resonate more than those from an association. AOTA offers templates and talking points, and can help get you started. For assistance in drafting a response that can help educate others about the profession, please contact