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12/8/2016: Univ. of St. Augustine trains occupational therapy students to assist older drivers for Older Driver Safety Awareness Week (Yahoo! Finance)

12/5/2016: Sensitive Santas give special needs children a calm, quiet visit (The Kansas City Star)

12/5/2016: In Jordan hospital, mental trauma scars children blown apart by bombs (Reuters – AOL News)

12/5/2016: Younger stroke victims face unique challenges (CBS Philadelphia)

12/5/2016: Low vision therapy makes life more navigable (Lawrence World-Journal)

12/5/2016: Older Driver Awareness Week promotes safety (

12/4/2016: Weekend Warriors: Elite triathlete Sheri Branum also helps others re-learn to walk and run (ESPN)

12/4/2016: Poster child conquering obstacles (Odessa American)

12/2/2016: Reduce your holiday stress (KCRG-TV)

12/2/2016: Students design devices to help the disabled (San Diego Union-Tribune)

11/28/2016: For first native Hawaiian canoe paralympian, life is 'being extraordinary' (NBC News)

11/28/2016: Family gives thanks after son comes home from the hospital (ABC 13 Houston)

11/20/2016: Vets open business to teach adaptive driving (WUSA-TV CBS 9)

11/20/2016: Assess seniors' driving skills to protect their well-being (The Herald-Mail)

11/18/2016: Woman injured in car crash raises two children (WISN-TV ABC 12)

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11/8/2016: Why occupational therapists could be the answer to easing pressure on hospitals (Wales Online)

11/6/2016: Amid new polio-like cases, Bremerton teen struggles to recover from past outbreak (Seattle Times)

11/6/2016: Want a better chance to stay out of a nursing home? Modify your home (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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10/27/2016: 18 Steps to Fall Proofing Your Home (NCOA Blog)

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10/21/2016: Musicians get hurt a lot: Paging Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray (Johns Hopkins Magazine)

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9/30/2016: Crochet as occupational therapy (

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