List Rental Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I customize a list?

You can tailor a list to meet your specific needs based on Special Interest Sections (SISs) membership, facility setting(s), membership type (OT and/or OTA), practice area, state(s), or location in specific as zip code prefixes (first three digits of zip code). A member can have up to three SISs, 2 work settings, and any number of the practice areas. If you wish to get preliminary counts by state(s) or specialty selections, please fill out the AOTA List Rental Service Mailing List Count Request Form.

2. How many times can I use the list?

All lists from AOTA are for one-time use only. An AOTA List Rental Agreement must be signed and submitted with each order form. Additional use of the list can be requested at the time of the original order, and will be billed on the original invoice. Additional use will be billed at a rate of $115 per 1,000 names. All lists from AOTA are seeded with decoy names and addresses to monitor list use.

3. What do I need to place an order?

To place an order, fill out the AOTA List Rental Service Order Form and List Rental Agreement, and submit along with a sample of what you will be mailing to our members. In addition, please submit a purchase order or purchase order number, if one is required by your company or facility for payment. The forms can be sent by mail to AOTA List Rental Service, 4720 Montgomery Lane, Ste. 200, Bethesda, MD 20814-3449; or emailed to; or faxed to 240-762-5156. Important: Do not email any credit card information.

4. Why does my mail piece have to be approved by AOTA?

All mailing pieces must be verified as being of professional use or interest to our members. AOTA cannot be referenced on any mail piece unless it is pre-approved by AOTA.

5. How long does it take to get my order?

You should estimate 3 to 5 business days to complete your order. Exceptions may include orders needing clarification or where pre-payment is required. No orders will be processed between December 24 and January 1.

6. Who do I contact with questions?

Contact AOTA's List Rental Manager at or call 800-877-1383, ext. 2749

7. What are payment requirements?

International customers must pay before receiving the list. Payment on all orders is net 30 days. You can submit a check, or written credit card information using the bottom portion of the invoice. The invoice can be mailed or faxed to AOTA at 301-652-7711. AOTA accepts Discover, AMEX, Master Card, and Visa. Do not email any credit card information.

8. How is my list delivered?

Lists are delivered as an attachment to an email in Excel format. All lists contain separate columns for first, middle, and last name as well as all addressing fields.

9. What is the cost for a list?

Costs are based on the total number of names from your customized list. The base cost is $125 per 1,000 names plus a $30 processing fee per order. Once you receive preliminary counts you can calculate cost as follows: Number of names multiplied by 0.125 plus $30 processing fee. Please treat preliminary counts as estimates, as our counts change somewhat daily. We have a minimum charge of $155 for orders of 1,000 names or less.

10. Are any discounts available?

Discounts are available to state occupational therapy associations, occupational therapy student researchers, and qualified list brokers. A qualified list broker is defined as a company whose sole activity is to purchase mailing lists for their active clients.

11. How often is the list updated?

Our members receive magazines and newsletters (OT Practice, American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT), and SIS Quarterly Newsletter) and other important information from the Association; therefore, addresses are updated continuously by phone, email, and membership renewal forms. Members can also update their addresses on-line at Additionally, we receive continuous updates from the U.S. Postal Service. Our lists have a 95% delivery guarantee: GUARANTEE: Deliverability of 95% is guaranteed on all lists. We will refund the current minimum third class bulk postage (even if actual postage used is in excess of minimum rate) for any mail in excess of the guarantee, which is returned to us within 45 days of our shipping date. Mail returned with a forwarding address, or street addressed mail assigned a box number by a local post office, or multi-family dwellings not showing apartment numbers are not included in the guarantee. Postal regulations require this mail to be delivered. If more than one copy of a list is purchased at one time, the guarantee applies only to the first usage. We shall not be liable for any damages or loss sustained by the purchaser through the purchase or use of our list. We shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages, and in no event shall our liability exceed the cost of the list.

12. Are email addresses or phone numbers available?

AOTA has chosen to not allow the distribution or use of our member emails or phone numbers for commercial use. Appending our lists with email addresses or phone numbers is strictly prohibited.

13. Are the addresses found on the lists the member’s home or business address?

Approximately 97% of the addresses on the list will be the home address of the member. The remaining will be business or alternate addresses as provided by the member.

14. What is the return and cancellation policy?

We have a NO RETURN POLICY on mailing lists. If you have any questions of how the order will be perceived when processed, contact the List Rental Service for clarification prior to completion of the order. You may request in writing a final count and cost prior to delivery. No refunds or credits will be made after an order has been processed.

15. What is a key code?

A key code is a separate column for each record that can be used to identify member categories (OT versus OTA) or some other selections. It can also be a code that you wish to include for your in-house identification such as ‘AOTA_12014’.