Practitioners: Submit Stories of Inclusive Play for SAMHSA’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day


In order to celebrate SAMHSA’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 10, 2018, AOTA would like to collect practice stories that demonstrate how effective occupational therapy improves inclusive play. Some of the stories could be shared at Conference or in an OT Practice article. Please do not reveal any identifying details to protect clients’ privacy. 

There are two options: 1) Submit a general pediatric practice story; or 2) Submit a specific story about play.

Inclusion means integrating children with disabilities with their peers in the activities and routines of home, education, and community settings (AOTA, 2015). Thank you for your time and dedication!

Reflect on the questions below and then submit your story using this form:

  • Where did the practice scenario occur?
  • What was the age of the child and his or her condition or disability?
  • In what state do you practice?
  • How did you evaluate a participation barrier to play?
  • How did you incorporate the child’s/family’s strengths and interests?
  • What intervention did you offer?
  • How did the intervention improve play participation?
  • Did the participation improve mental or physical health or quality of life? How was the change measured?
  • How was the child/family more included in a setting or routine because of the intervention?
  • Did your story include other providers or family members? Please explain.
  • How does this story demonstrate that OT is a skilled service?
Contact, if you have questions.
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American Occupational Therapy Association. (2015). Inclusion of children with disabilities. Retrieved from