AOTA Press Launches Digital Publications Website!


AOTA Press has launched digital versions of popular bestselling books, including Occupational Therapy in Acute Care, 2nd Edition, and Asher’s Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools, 4th Edition, as well as the Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines series.

Purchasing an e-book allows users to begin reading within minutes of ordering. Digital publications can be especially useful because of the ability to search for key words or phrases. Users can also print excerpts, use the text reader to listen instead of read, and change the text size. Digital books also allow readers to move easily to AJOT articles or other online publications.

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer digital publications as another option to meet our readers’ needs,” said Chris Davis, Associate Chief Officer for AOTA Press and Content Strategy. “Print editions are not going away, but we know that the portability and flexibility offered by digital publications are very important to some of our readers.” She noted that adoption review texts are also available as pdfs—reducing the delivery time to educators to allow for quicker curriculum decisions.

The new website, to which users are taken after purchasing an ebook through AOTA’s store, allows members to create their own AOTA libraries that can be accessed from multiple devices. In addition, the site will allow AOTA to create content libraries for various groups, such as employers.

As with all AOTA products, members receive a discount on digital publications over list price.  

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