Occupational Therapy’s Distinct Value in Productive Aging

Occupational therapy’s distinct value is to improve health and quality of life through facilitating participation and engagement in occupations, the meaningful, necessary, and familiar activities of everyday life. Occupational therapy is client-centered, achieves positive outcomes, and is cost-effective.

Occupational therapy takes a holistic approach to identify strategies that will support older adults to continue to engage in meaningful occupation. The resources provided here identify some of the ways that occupational therapy can facilitate productive aging.

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As a reflection of the distinct value of occupational therapy, the resources in this document can aid practitioners by providing an overarching perspective of the range of occupational therapy practice with older adults. Additionally, through the use of case examples and by highlighting key evidence to support practice interventions, the reader can fully envision the potential scope of occupational therapy’s impact on productive aging. This can be invaluable as practitioners seek to understand their own practice within the context of the profession of occupational therapy.