Public Awareness and Advocacy Resources


  • The AOTA/CDC Falls Prevention Project is a collaboration between AOTA and the CDC that culminated in a meeting with key representatives and stakeholders to examine current supports and barriers for public policy and access to services related to prevention and treatment of falls in the aging adult population.
  • The Falls Free® Initiative is a national effort led by the National Council on Aging to increase public awareness and advocacy efforts to prevent falls and falls related injury among older adults. The National Action Plan, released in 2005 and updated in 2015, proposed strategies to address falls prevention within communities. The Falls Free® Coalition and Falls Free® Workgroups were created to address these strategies and work towards increased awareness of falls prevention.
  • Falls Prevention Awareness Day is an annual event that unites older adults, caregivers, family members and healthcare professionals to increase public awareness and prevent falls in the community. Members of AOTA are encouraged to hold local events on this day to increase awareness of falls prevention in their communities. Resources and ideas are included in the website listed above.
  • Go 4 Life is a campaign through the National Institute on Aging focused on encouraging older adults to incorporate exercise and physical activity within their daily routines. Online resources are available for healthcare professionals and older adults through the link provided above.
  • STEADI is a toolkit for healthcare professionals available through the CDC that includes case studies, assessments, conversation starters and patient educational materials for clinicians who work with the aging population.