After the Evaluation

Driver Safety Tips

Most of us began driving as teenagers. Our inexperience in those early years of being able to anticipate what we might face on the roadways of course diminished over time. And so with decades of experience on the road, you might expect that people 65 years of age and older have little to learn about safe driving.

Still, hundreds of thousands of older Americans voluntarily participate in driver refresher courses each year, and tens of thousands more each year decide for themselves to cut back on when and where they drive.

The links below provide tips from experienced drivers about how to remain safely on the road. It also has general information about the importance of driving and remaining mobile for older adults.


Getting Around Without a Car

For most of us, it's difficult to change from the convenience and independence of driving ourselves to relying on some other means to get around our communities. But when we need to limit or stop our driving, we are faced with a clear choice: We either find another way to get to the people and places we want to go, or we stop going out.

Many of us will ask family and friends to help get us around. But most communities around the country have other choices that also can help us. Some of these are paid services; others rely on unpaid volunteers.

Finding out more about your community choices--even before you need them--can keep you connected to your community and keep you participating in those activities that are important to you. Below are some organizations that can help you find ways to get around your community without a car.

Eldercare Locator, Community Assistance for Seniors by the U.S. Administration on Aging.

Help For Family Caregivers

Providing Transportation for older adults who have had to limit or stop driving is a top responsibility for the majority of family caregivers. Many community-based organizations (such as faith-based and civic groups) can help you provide that transportation. You also can get names of other places by contacting the Eldercare Locator.

Even if you still want to provide transportation support to a family member or friend, you should know the best ways to get the person in and out of the car safely without hurting yourself.

Easter Seals Project Action and Easter Seals Transportation Solutions for Caregivers has tips on safely transporting older adults in your car and resources for transportation options, especially for individuals with disabilities.