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This page is archived. The group is no longer active.

The Technology Special Interest Section (TSIS) provides a vital link between old and new—the traditional concerns of occupational therapy practitioners and the increasing impact of technology on our lives and on society. Because technology use crosses all ages, settings, functional abilities, and occupations, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students must be able to integrate technology into all aspects of occupational therapy. The TSIS was created by AOTA in 1991.

The TSIS provides a forum for learning about technologies specific to individuals with disabilities—seating, positioning and mobility, reasonable accommodations, augmentative communications, and adaptive computer access, as well as for exploring technologies for program administration and client evaluation and treatment. The TSIS also encompasses the use of telehealth, health application "apps," virtual reality, and gaming technologies used to enhance occupational performance, participation, role competence, and quality of life.

The TSIS focuses on the role of the occupational therapist and occupational therapy assistant in technology service delivery and provides the latest information on interdisciplinary technology competency, specialty certification in technology applications, and training opportunities via SIS Quarterly Practice Connections and the TSIS forums.


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