Administration & Management SIS

This page is archived. The group is no longer active.

The Administration & Management Special Interest Section (AMSIS) focuses on the diverse administration and management issues that affect its participants. The AMSIS includes occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants who are engaged in administrative or managerial responsibilities as part of their daily occupations, or who wish to gain knowledge and skills in these areas. AMSIS was created by AOTA in 1985.

Students are also welcome participants. By providing a conduit for communication, collaboration, and sharing of resources, the AMSIS promotes the continuous enhancement of its members' leadership skills.

Some of the topics this section addresses are management and supervision; staff development, training, and retention; effective use of resources; accreditation requirements and strategies for meeting new requirements; emerging systems for improving time management and documentation; and trends in billing and reimbursement.

The AMSIS has a designated Private Practice and Entrepreneurs Subsection to meet the needs of practitioners who are in private practice, entrepreneurs, or business owners.


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