Four Ways to Promote Occupational Therapy Through the Media

Help us explain how occupational therapy empowers people and changes lives! As an occupational therapy practitioner, you are an expert in your field of practice. Journalists crave stories about how the profession changes people’s lives, and they need you to tell it.

Here are 4 ways to promote the profession in the news:

  1. Write to a news outlet. Writing is a great way to share your message with a broad audience. A 250-word (or less) letter to the editor of a newspaper or website is a great way to convey a simple message. Guest columns are typically longer and can go more in depth, and freelance articles involve interviews with other experts, information, and quotes. Most news outlets welcome reader submissions as long as they are relevant to their readership. OT Month is a great time to write a generic piece about the power of OT.
  2. Share a photo or video clip. With your subject’s permission, submit a photo to your local newspaper that shows the power of OT. Many television and web news outlets accept video clips.
  3. Pitch a story to a reporter, editor, or producer. Explain OT’s distinct value by sharing a client’s success story with your local media. Or, host an event that features occupational therapy, and offer yourself as an interviewee.
  4. Be a go-to expert. Think of yourself as a curator of information. Stay on top of changes in legislation and policy, and act as a resource for the journalist. Contact the journalist when something new arises that you feel the public should be aware of, or that the journalist may have questions about.

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“See examples of OT in the News.” 

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