OT Student Guide to Licensure

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This tour is designed to guide you through the websites containing information important to you as you seek licensure and registration as a new grad. This process can be frustrating, and the information below is designed to help you take charge of your future as an OT!

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Step 1:

NBCOT: detailed overview of the process for taking your board exam and becoming a registered OT. Find the certification exam handbook to download to further assist you.

Step 2:

NBCOT: also explore the following portion of the same site to learn the process for renewing your registration. This begins immediately after passing and is solely your responsibility. Download the handbook.

Step 3:

State Licensure: learn about the steps involved in becoming licensed in your state. Missouri is used as an example. Note the following: continuing competency requirements, renewal links, rules & statutes, and temporary permit information.

Step 4:

State Organization: stay informed of your state’s regulations, help influence state policy, and network with fellow practitioners. Explore the website to see what membership can offer. Missouri is used as an example.

Step 5:

AOTA: stay up to date on professional issues, access practice resources, support national legislation, and network on a national scale. Explore the website to see what membership can offer.

Step 6:


  • What is your action plan and timeline for preparing to take the NBCOT exam?
  • After taking this virtual tour and acknowledging the steps involved to obtain and maintain licensure and registration, how will you track and organize your ongoing requirements for both?
  • What types of continuing education do you think you will pursue, and how will you select courses?
  • How can membership in state and national organizations benefit you?

Tiffany Bolton
has worked in pediatric occupational therapy since graduating with her MOT in 2004. In 2014, she joined the University of Missouri School of Health Profession’s Occupational Therapy faculty as the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator and a Clinical Instructor in the program’s teaching clinics. Tiffany has found her home in academia and is transitioning into a full-time classroom and clinical teaching position. She would like to further study pediatric visual disorders and interdisciplinary student learning outcomes, and she is currently pursuing her post-professional OTD through the University of Kansas Medical Center.