Financial Aid

There are many options available to help you figure out how to pay for college. To get started, browse the College Affordability Guide: How to Pay for College.


In addition to AOTA's E.K. Wise scholarship, there are several scholarship opportunities for occupational therapy students. Learn about AOTA's scholarship here. Find information about other scholarship opportunities for occupational therapy students, minority students, and the general student population here.

Loan Forgiveness

In general, loan forgiveness programs are designed to encourage students to pursue degrees and employment in specific fields. These programs forgive part or all of your educational loan debt if you in turn fulfill certain work or volunteer-related requirements. Various programs are offered by the military, federal government, service organizations, individual employers, hospitals, and larger rehabilitation companies.

AOTA recently succeeded in getting occupational therapy recognized as a profession of national need making occupational therapists who work with children, adolescents, and veterans eligible for additional loan forgiveness. The program will authorize loan forgiveness for up to $10,000 in loans over a 5 year period. This program is still in the process of being designed and implemented, and information will be posted on the AOTA Web site as it becomes available. Read more about loan forgiveness.