Excellence in Fieldwork

The AOTA Commission on Education (COE) developed and approved the attached lists of recommended criteria for fieldwork educators and fieldwork sites of excellence. In April 2007 the Representative Assembly charged COE to develop and disseminate criteria as a resource for affiliated state associations. The criteria were developed through the work of an AOTA ad hoc committee with the goal to highlight exemplars of fieldwork that could be emulated by other sites. 

COE acknowledges that many states have already established awards for fieldwork. These lists were developed for use at your discretion in your state. They may assist you in developing new ideas for recognitions, identifying and recognizing exemplary fieldwork, or starting a discussion within your state about fieldwork. 

The criteria are designed to fit the ideal type in current practice as well as prepare fieldwork for the future as the profession moves towards realizing the Centennial Vision. COE is engaged in a number of actions to advance fieldwork as a critical portion of our professional education. The rationale for the development of these criteria lists include:

  • These awards will motivate fieldwork educators and fieldwork sites to model exemplary practices and demonstrate support of our core professional values related to fieldwork.
  • Fieldwork is acknowledged as the bridge between education and practice.
  • Fieldwork has the greatest potential to change practice.
  • Recognizing outstanding fieldwork educators and sites will raise awareness and respect for this area of professional responsibility.

If you use any additional criteria to recognize excellence in fieldwork educators or fieldwork sites in your state, COE is very interested in adding the criteria to this recommended list. Please send your recommended criteria to me via e-mail at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

René Padilla, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Chairperson, AOTA Commission on Education