Colorado State University - SPCC Registration


Colorado State University (CSU) Nondegree Graduate Credit

You must register with CSU at the time you submit your exam to AOTA for scoring.


Purchasers of AOTA Self-Paced Clinical Courses (SPCCs) who want to obtain nondegree graduate credit from Colorado State University (CSU) must register directly with CSU when submitting the exam to AOTA for scoring. (Learners who purchase SPCCs before March 1, 2009, should follow the process outlined in the SPCC exam booklet.)

To obtain nondegree graduate credit from CSU, do the following:


  1. Contact CSU at the following address to obtain the most current registration form and tuition rate-

Colorado State University

Division of Continuing Education
1040 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523–1040
Attn: Contract Courses 

Phone: (970) 491–5288 
  1. Send CSU a completed registration form, and make a copy of the form to submit to AOTA with your exam. (It is strongly recommended that you also keep a copy for your records.)
  2. Submit your completed exam AND a copy of your completed CSU registration form to AOTA for scoring.
  3. AOTA will notify you and CSU of your completion status.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Students have 7 years from the time of purchase to complete the AOTA SPCC for optional, nondegree graduate credit from CSU.
  2. AOTA allows learners to retake the certification exam up to 3 times if they do not complete it successfully. After 2 attempts, learners are advised to take a 6-month hiatus before attempting the exam again.
  3. When learners pass an exam, AOTA issues them a continuing education certificate of completion and informs CSU of their course grade. CSU transcripts are available from CSU within 1 month of the issuance of a grade.
  4. Learners who have not obtained a satisfactory grade on their exam and have applied for CSU nondegree graduate credit should contact CSU directly, at the address above, to discuss the timeline for keeping the CSU registration process active.
  5. CSU tuition and fees are subject to change. Through June 30, 2010, tuition is $70 for the first credit of nondegree graduate credit, and each additional credit is $60.