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Dec. 13 Registration Opens 

March 19

Audio/Visual requests due. 


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March 29

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March 28

Housing deadline

April 9

Presentations Due

April 2

Handouts Due

AOTA Presenter's Handbook - Annual 2014AOTA Presenter's Handbook

Download the AOTA Presenter's Handbook (pdf) for information about how to plan and prepare for your session.


Speakers for all sessions, including posters, are required to register for at least 1 day of Conference.

On the registration page, click on the button labeled SPEAKER.

  • You must be logged into the AOTA website to register. Follow the links on the right hand side of the page to log in, if you need assistance with your login, or if you need to set up a login.
  • In keeping with Association Conference and meeting industry standards. AOTA does not offer speaker discounts.


The app will allow primary speakers to upload handouts directly to their session and collect attendee feedback for each session. Session handouts are an important part of session attendees’ overall Conference experience and serves as a resource after the participant leaves your session. We strongly suggest that you upload your handout file by April 2nd to allow attendees time to review them as they build their Conference schedule.

  • You can upload multiple PDFs, each with a 10MB limit. File names show in the app, so we recommend naming the file the title of the document.
  • If you are providing your PowerPoint slides as the handout, please save them with at least three slides per page when converting the file to PDF format. This reduces the number of printed pages.
  • A session handout can be a list of resources, a summary of your presentation, or any helpful information that your audience can use after they leave your session. Be sure to include your name and session information.

Handout upload instructions were sent via email March 8, the subject was Manage Your Speaker Profile for the 2018 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo App.

Session Formats

  • Pre-Conference Institute: 6-hour session held April 18, 2018. A reflective period must be included.
    NOTE: If you need to cap the attendance at your proposed Institute, please make a note in the abstract. The only Institutes that will be considered for capping are those that have a clearly defined experiential component as a significant piece of the overall session.
  • Workshop: 3-hour session with reflective period for attendees with comprehensive understanding of subject matter. Intermediate and advanced-level content only.
  • Short Course: 1- or 1.5-hour session with reflective time for attendees.
  • Student: 1-hour session geared toward a student-only audience.
  • Tech Lab (Formerly Tech Day): 90-minute session. Tech Lab sessions are hands-on interactive exploration of high- and low-technology products to enhance client participation in occupations across the lifespan. Each Tech Lab station consists of one desktop computer, a large monitor, a wired Internet connection, and two tables. There will be 5 stations occurring simultaneously and continuously during the 90-minute session. Attendees can circulate through each individual station.
  • History of OT Panel: *Three to four historical submissions grouped together as a History of OT Panel, with 15 additional minutes for facilitated discussion. Total session length is 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Each participant will present for 15 minutes.
  • Scientific Research Panel: *Three to four research submissions grouped together as a Scientific Research Panel, with 15 additional minutes for facilitated discussion. Total session length is 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Each participant will present for 15 minutes.
  • Poster: Displayed on an 8' wide x 4' tall bulletin board. Posters will be on display during a designated 2-hour time period. Presenters are required to be with their poster for the entire 2-hour block of time.
  • Conversations That Matter: 60 facilitated discussion for attendees. NO AV

*AOTA will create all panels. You can search for your panel grouping within the app.

  • Go to:
  • Type in your session number, excluding the letter. For example, for Scientific Research Panel 101A, type Scientific Research Panel 101, and results for that grouping will appear.


Presentation instructions were emailed to Primary Speakers. The subject was Presentation Upload Instructions - 2018 AOTA Annual Conference. The deadline for uploading presentations has been extended to Monday, April 9th.

Session Rooms

Each presentation room will be preset with the following equipment:

  • 1-Laptop with DVD drive, Microsoft Office, audio,  hard-wired Internet, and audio amplified to audience
  • 1-Handheld wireless podium microphone
  • 1-Wired floor microphone
  • 1-Wired head table microphone
  • 1-LCD projector and screen

Each Tech Lab Station will have the following equipment:

  • 1 - 65” monitor on Floor Stand with Shelf, and HDMI input
  • 1 - Laptop Computer connected to dedicated wireless network*

*All personal devices may connect the complimentary Wi-Fi using AOTA2018 network