Pre-Conference Institutes and Seminars

Pre-Conference Institutes and Seminars are 6-hour sessions that will be presented on Wednesday, April 18, from 12:00 pm–6:30 pm.

Institutes require an additional fee and advanced registration. Each institute pro­vides in-depth continuing education at a fraction of the cost of comparable profes­sional development.

Seminars also require an additional fee and advanced registration.

Institute 001: Increasing Access and Occupational Engagement With GoBabyGo

Institute 002: (AOTA) Interoception, the Eighth Sensory System: Impact on Occupational Performance

Institute 003: Introduction to Digital Design and Fabrication (3D Printing) and Applications in Occupational Therapy

Institute 004: An Evidence-Based Approach for Clinical Application of Electrotherapy: An Occupational Framework

Institute 005: Oncology Rehabilitation 101: What You Need to Know About Cancer and the Treatments

Institute 006: (AOTA) Quality Institute: Quality Improvement in Occupational Therapy Practice

Institute 007: The Experience of Public Spaces for a Person With Vision Loss: An Experiential Encounter

Institute 008: Practical Application of Evidence-Based Motor Control Interventions to Improve Occupational Performance

Institute 009: Management of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Conditions in Adults With Neurological Impairment

Institute 010: (AOTA) Motivational Interviewing to Promote Patient Engagement and Self-Management

Institute 011: (AOTA) Promoting Your Story, Your Profession, Your Unique Value

Institute 012: Best Practices for Designing a Customized Clinical Simulation Experience in Occupational Therapy Curriculum

Institute 013: Where Do I Start? Occupational Therapy in the Acute Care of Patients With Multiple Traumatic Injuries

Institute 014: Practical Applications of Animal-Assisted Therapy: Development, Preparation, and Implementation of Nontraditional Occupational Therapy Programs

Institute 015: The Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration® (EASI) Normative Data Collection

Institute 016: H.O.T. (Higher Order Thinking) Tips for Effective Teaching

Institute 017: Shoulder Arthroplasties: Achieving Best Practice Using Evidence- and Occupation-Based Interventions Across the Continuum of Care

Institute 019: Comprehensive Care and Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Amputations

Institute 020: Pain Rehabilitation, An Emerging Specialty for Occupational Therapists: An Innovative Bio-Psycho- Social Model for Treatment and Education

Institute 021: The Triple Aim of Health Care as Client-Centered Occupational Therapy

Institute 022: So You Think You Want to be a Director of Rehab Services? Being a Boss: The Next Level of Your Therapeutic Use of Self

Institute 023: (AOTA) The Role of Occupational Therapy in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Institute 024: Delivering Distinct Value: Supporting Chronic Condition Self- Management Across Practice Settings

Institute 025: (AOTA) Becoming an Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

Institute 026: The Occupational Therapist’s Maker Toolbox: DIY Assistive Technology Solutions in the Clinic

Institute 029: Healing Power of Reiki and Occupational Therapy, Level I

Institute 030*: (AOTA) Orthotic Management of the Thumb and Fingers

Institute 031**: Increasing Knowledge and Competent Application for Engaging a Client With Genealogy, as an Activity to Promote Productive Aging

Institute 032: Meet You on the Playground: A Hands-On Experience in Inclusive Playground Design

Seminar 001: (AOTA) CarFit Technician Training Plus Event Coordinator Training

Seminar 002: (AOTA) Changing Practice Settings: Becoming an Occupational Therapy Educator

Seminar 003: (AOTA) Huntington’s Disease: A Primer for Community- Based Occupational Therapists

*This institute is 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

** This institute is 1:00 pm–4:00 pm