Scam Warning

Official Event Contractor

Unauthorized companies including housing services, lists brokers, shipping vendors, conference guide dealers, etc., are contacting advertisers and exhibitors soliciting information over the phone, and via mail and email. Booking through these unauthorized vendors can result in extra costs, products and services not promoted at the conference, and high cancellation fees. Be sure not to give your credit card number to anyone who calls you on the phone soliciting your housing, shipping, list rentals, conference guide information, etc. All official contractors of AOTA’s Conference & Expo will have the official logo in their correspondence.  

Unauthorized vendors contacting exhibitors include but are not limited to: SKYVISION, ArtSoft Expo Solutions Inc., ExhibitSource, Global Housing Management (GHM Travel), Construct Data Publishers – Exhibitors Directory for Fairs and Exhibitions, Custombizlist,  D-Info Source, and many many more.