New blog for AOTA Federal policy on OT Connections


In order to give you all the latest news relating to occupational therapy and the U.S. Congress, the White House and federal agencies, we have introduced a Federal Policy blog on OT Connections.  Here you will find updates relating to the efforts of the Federal Affairs and Regulatory Affairs Department to monitor and influence public and regulatory policies that affect occupational therapy, information and resources for members, and other details about how we are working to promote and defend the profession.

We encourage you to email subscribe to the blog under the options menu on the right-hand side.  Anytime we post a new blog, you will receive that update directly in your e-mail. That way you won’t miss any important information and can stay informed about the latest posts.

Federal policy, although sometimes seeming far removed, directly affects YOU as a practitioner, student, educator, business owner, and entrepreneur.  It can affect where you practice, what you are paid, and whether you are able to practice at all. We hope this blog will keep you engaged, informed, and up to date on issues federal issues affecting your practice.

In addition to the content on this blog, you will still be able to find regular updates and information on our Congressional Affairs and Regulatory Affairs pages on the AOTA website and our Legislative Action Center.