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Q: How do I update my member address and profile?

A: You can change your address or other information by visiting Member Center on the home page. Remember to notify both AOTA and the U.S. Post Office when you move to ensure delivery of your AOTA mail.

If you have changed your name, please write a letter to the AOTA Membership Department and fax it to 240-762-5150 or mail it to AOTA. Name change requests must be made in writing with a valid signature. You don't need to send documentation of marriage or divorce.

Q: What's my member I.D. number?

A: If you know your online login and password go to view and edit my membership information, and click on Your Membership Profile in the bottom section. You can also find your member I.D. on your membership card, or by calling Member Services at 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682).

Q: How do I participate in Open Access to the Special Interest Sections (SISs)?

A: SIS Open Access lets you customize your AOTA membership to reflect your interests and professional needs. Here's how it works: select 3 SISs that appeal to your particular interests. For all 3, you'll have voting rights, leadership opportunities and more.

Q: How do I change from Student to New Practitioner?

A: Call Member Services at 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682), or mail in your membership application with your dues payment. (Note: Be sure to take advantage of the special New Practitioner dues rate—$119 the first year for OTs; $95 for the first year for OTAs!)

Q: Does AOTA have a payment plan?

A: Yes. All OT and OTA members are eligible for the membership dues installment plan, known as Easy Pay. With this plan, your annual dues will be charged to your credit card in ongoing, monthly amounts. Call Member Services at 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682). Standard Student and Student-Plus members are not eligible for the installment plan.

Q: How can I tell when my membership expires?

A: Upon joining, you'll receive an AOTA membership card with your member ID and expiration date via mail. You may also check your expiration date by visiting Member Center (click on "View and Edit my Membership Information"), or call AOTA Member Services at 800-729-2682. AOTA will remind you when it's time to renew and because it's so important to renew promptly, AOTA offers you a valuable incentive (one free Continuing Education article—a $24.95 member value) when you respond quickly.

Q: Will you send me a notice when it's time to renew my membership?

A: You will receive up to 3 renewal notices before your membership expires, but if you renew before the response date shown in your 1st renewal letter and invoice, you will receive a coupon for 1 FREE AOTA Continuing Education article (a $24.95 member value). CE Articles provide a convenient opportunity for earning CE credit, delivered directly to your door in the first issue of OT Practice each month. The coupon can be used for any current CE Article or for any coming up in the next year. Note: Renewing on your first notice does NOT change your membership anniversary.

Q: Are my membership dues tax deductible?

A: Your AOTA dues may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please note that 40% of your dues is allocated to lobbying efforts and is not tax deductible. Also, 2% of membership dues is designated as a contribution to the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, Inc. (AOTF).

Q: What are the membership terms and conditions?

A: Your AOTA membership includes access to online resources for members only. We remind you that your username and password are for your sole use. Sharing, selling, or reselling of usernames and passwords is a copyright violation, and as such, is a violation of the law. Violation of the AOTA policy may result in revocation of AOTA online access privileges, ethics charges, and/or legal consequences.


Q: How do I contact the AOTA Board of Directors?

A: Simply write to them in care of AOTA's Executive Director at 4720 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD  20814.

Q: How can I nominate someone for an AOTA Board of Directors position?

A: Each fall, the AOTA Volunteer Leadership Development Committee (VLDC) solicits nominations for the Board of Directors. Visit the Awards and Recognitions section for required forms and additional information.

Q: How do I order a member mailing list?

A: For information about renting a member name list, see List Rental Services under Advertising, or please contact Claire Foster at 800-877-1383, ext. 2749, or e-mail

Q: How do I borrow a book or monograph from the Wilma L. West Library?

A: Contact your local library and request an interlibrary loan. The Wilma L. West Library will send requested materials to your local public or university library. Visit the Wilma L. West Library or contact Foundation staff members if you have any questions, comments, or requests. 

Q: How do I obtain copyright permission for AOTA publications and material posted on the Web site?

A: Visit the Reprints section of the Web site, or e-mail

Q: How do I contact AOTA?

A: Toll-free: 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682) or local calls: 301-652-2682; Fax: 240-762-5150; E-mail:; The American Occupational Therapy Association, 4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Q: How do I contact my state licensing board?

A: Visit AOTA's online State Licensure Database for contact information.  Members only

Q: How do I contact the Occupational Therapy Certification Board (NBCOT)?

A: Visit NBCOT's Web site for contact information about NBCOT certification.

Q: Where can I find more information on AOTA's practice area-specific Board and Specialty Certification?

A: Visit AOTA's Board and Specialty Certifications page on the Web site. 

Q: How do I become active in a leadership position?

A: AOTA offers many opportunities for members to become active in elected or appointed leadership positions. Openings are announced in the AOTA Alerts e-newsletter and Web site page. AOTA has volunteer needs in many areas; your investment of time and energy in AOTA strengthens the profession as a whole. Go to COOL (login required) to create your volunteer profile and view current positions available.


Q: How do I create my password?

A: Visit Member Center, scroll down the list and follow the prompts to either create a new password, or have your password e-mailed to you.

Q: I forgot my password. How do I find out what it is?

A: Call Member Services at 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682, ext. 2769), or simply visit the online Member Center to have your password e-mailed to you.

Continuing Education

Q: Where can I find more information about AOTA's Annual Conference & Expo?

A: Visit the Conferences and Events home page for answers to questions about AOTA's annual meeting and up-to-date information on all your conference needs.

Q: How can I earn CE credit from AOTA for continuing education and self-study?

A: Visit the Continuing Education section or the AOTA Online Store for details on Self-Paced Clinical Courses, Online Courses, Continuing Education Articles, and Continuing Education for the Approved Provider Program, and more.

Professional Support

Q: How do I post my resume on OTjobLink?

A: If you're an AOTA member visit and click "Job Seekers" and find the "Post Your Resume" button and follow the prompts. Post your resume and apply online—even receive an e-mail with job matches.

Q: How can I find information on fieldwork?

A: Visit the Fieldwork Education section of the Web site for general fieldwork information. For specific questions, contact the AOTA Education and Professional Development Department by e-mail at, or call 800-729-2682.

Q: How do I apply for internships at AOTA headquarters?

A: E-mail AOTA's Education Department at, or call 800-SAY-AOTA (800-729-2682)  and ask for the Education Department.

Q: How do I start my own business?

A: AOTA's Private Practice Packet provides information to get you started. Members only

Q: How do I obtain AOTA's position on supervisory requirements for an OTA?

A: Members may access the document, Guidelines for Supervision, Roles, and Responsibilities During Delivery of Occupational Therapy Services by going to the Official Documents area. Nonmembers who are not occupational therapy practitioners should contact the AOTA Practice Department at

Q: Where do I learn the appropriate role of aides in the delivery of OT services?

A: Members may access the document, Guidelines for Supervision, Roles, and Responsibilities During Delivery of Occupational Therapy Services by going to the Official Documents area. Nonmembers who are not occupational therapy practitioners should contact the AOTA Practice Department at

Q: Where can I get help to solve a reimbursement problem?

A: Visit the Federal and Regulatory Affairs section of AOTA's Web site for updates on changes in reimbursement, or e-mail the Practice Department at for clinical reimbursement issues. Members only

Q: Where can I find accredited OT and OTA programs?

A: Visit AOTA's Schools page in the Education & Careers section.

Q: How do I notify AOTA of a possible breach in ethics?

A: To report any possible breach of ethics, contact the AOTA Ethics Office at This office is our liaison with AOTA's Ethics Commission (EC). Staff will work with you to clarify issues and notify the Ethics Commission if appropriate.

Q: How can I promote public awareness of occupational therapy?

A: Visit for ideas and resources to promote occupational therapy all year. Remember to celebrate Occupational Therapy month in April! And visit the Promote the Profession section in Manage Your Practice to find out more about a variety of community activities.