AOTA Member Benefits

Advocacy Activities

Your Membership enables AOTA to protect your scope of practice by standing up for coverage of OT in all Medicare settings and under the federal IDEA act; securing private and public payer coverage of all OT services; assuring the future of OT in emerging practice areas; and much more.

See the latest AOTA advocacy and awareness activities in the Practitioners section of the site under "Advocacy".

Legislative Action Center

Voice your opinions to members of Congress on important issues and keep current on what's happening at the state and national levels at AOTA's Legislative Action Center.

Political Action Committee

Increasing your influence with elected officials is the job of American Occupational Therapy Political Action Committee, the political arm of AOTA. Since 1978, AOTPAC has used voluntary donations from members to:

  • Elect pro-OT candidates to Congress;
  • Train OTs, OTAs, and students in lobbying techniques;
  • Mobilize local practitioners to serve as campaign advisors, volunteers, and candidates.

The committee is not affiliated with any political party. AOTPAC offers special training and support to OT practitioners who want to run for public office themselves.

Awareness Campaigns

Build awareness and understanding of occupational therapy with AOTA's brochures, public information pieces, audiovisual and other useful materials. Many are downloadable for FREE online, or through the AOTA Products Catalog and online store.

Visit the OT Month page for great ideas and resources to promote occupational therapy all year including information on Occupational Therapy Month (April) and National School Backpack Awareness Day (September).