Vision 2025: New Practitioner Pledge

AOTA is pleased to present Vision 2025, which builds on the work of the Centennial Vision to guide the profession beyond 2017.

“Occupational therapy maximizes health, well-being, and quality of life for all people, populations, and communities through effective solutions that facilitate participation in everyday living.”

As we work towards Vision 2025, we need students' voice, energy, and leadership to help fulfill our profession’s potential, achieve the outcomes articulated in the vision, and expand our reach as a profession. When you take the New Practitioner Pledge, you show your dedication to work toward Vision 2025 and commit to stay an active AOTA member for at least the next 5 years as you transition from student to new practitioner.

Help spread the word by encouraging students to take the pledge during class or student organization meeting. Read talking points and tips for presenting the pledge.

You must LOG IN before taking the pledge. If you are not a current AOTA student member, you must JOIN before you are eligible to take the pledge. AOTA members that are not students are not eligible. 

Make Your Pledge 

Where do you envision the profession in 2025? When you make the pledge you also contribute to the new practitioner word cloud. New Practitioner Pledge Word Cloud

What else can you do as a student and new practitioner to help the profession achieve Vision 2025?

As we move toward Vision 2025, here are the top ways AOTA can help you prepare for practice:

  • AOTA keeps you evidence based
    In addition to the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT), AOTA offers evidence-based resources organized by practice area to help you easily find information to enhance your interventions.
  • AOTA keeps you in the know
    Get OT Practice in your mailbox 22 times a year (or online), SIS Quarterly Practice Connections in your mailbox 4 times a year (or online), OT Student Pulse in your inbox once a month, and OT Practice Pulse in your inbox every other week.
  • AOTA can help you pass the test
    Soon you will have your diploma, and after that you will need to take and pass the NBCOT exam. AOTA members get discount pricing on AOTA’s Exam Prep. You can also talk to other students and new practitioners on AOTA’s Exam Prep Info Center or review helpful articles to get tips and advice on passing the exam.
  • AOTA can help you get your license to practice
    Occupational therapy is regulated in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and each has different requirements for OTs and OTAs. Visit the Licensure section of to find answers to common questions for each state, such as fees, CE requirements, and forms and contacts at the licensure boards.
  • AOTA can help you find a job
    Want to know the best place to start working as an OT or an OTA? Go to OTJobLink to find your dream job and access tools to help you update your résumé, brush up on your interviewing skills, and more.
  • AOTA will help you transition to practice
    Every new job has a learning curve, and we're here to help. Get free guidance, mentoring, and encouragement from the vast amount of AOTA practitioner resources, and use your membership rate for discounts on Conferences and products.
  • AOTA understands that finances may be tight
    Being a student and new grad is tough on finances, whether you have student loans or are moving across the country for a new job. This is why AOTA offers discounted membership pricing for students and new practitioners—OTs save nearly 50% from the full membership fee in their first year, and OTAs save nearly 30%.

Contact if you have any questions.