Brand Permission Information

When Do I Need Permission To Use the Brand?

You Do Not Need Permission: 

  • To use the signature logo on your e-mail
  • To use the signature logo on your Web site or social media page
  • To use the signature logo as a screen saver
  • To print and use the poster and/or wallet guide for nonprofit or educational purposes

You Do Need Permission:

To print the brand on any of your own materials, including business cards, brochures, advertisements, in-service handouts, etc.

You May Not Use the Brand for:

  • Merchandise, apparel (t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Anything for sale for profit or fundraising 

Getting Permission

As an AOTA member, representative of an ACOTE accredited educational program, or representative of an affiliated organization, AOTA may grant a nonexclusive license to use the phrase and graphic design of the brand message, "Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest®." This license is granted for use by the requestor, in a lawful and appropriate manner. The font required for use is Cora Regular.

You will need to provide us with a copy of a document showing how the brand will appear at least 20 days prior to its use or publication or within 1 week of your request being approved. AOTA reserves the right to request that you change the display of the brand if the purposed use of the brand, in AOTA's view, is not appropriate. You may not use the AOTA brand in any way other than the Authorized Use identified in your request.

To request permission to use the brand, e-mail Laura Collins or call 301-652-6611, ext. 2866, with your name, your member ID or affiliation, and proposed details on how the brand will be used.