AOTA Alerts

Updated November 23, 2015

Student Internship: Apply to participate in the Special Interest Section (SIS) Student Internship Program. Deadline January 31.

Store Sale: Save 15% on all AOTA publications and continuing education during our winter sale until December 14. Use code EOY15

Research Opportunities Tables: What are research opportunities for driving and stroke? Our research opportunities table can help you find areas that need more evidence and collaborate with other researchers.

Representative Assembly (RA) Motions: Submit motions by January 14, 2016, to be considered at the next RA Meeting.

RA Fall Meeting Summary: Read a summary of the online fall RA meeting here.

Watch Webinar Recordings: AOTA members can watch recordings of all of the Member Appreciation webinars and find out who won raffle prizes.

Evidence Byte: Help colleagues get a quick review of individual research articles by submitting a critically appraised papers (CAPs), which are at-a-glance summaries of research. The AOTA Evidence Exchange is accepting CAP submissions until November 30

AJOT Pay-Per-View: Single articles and issues of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT) are now available for purchase. AOTA members have full access to the journal, but now other health professionals and non-members can purchase articles.

Vision 2025: As the centennial quickly approaches in 2017, we’re creating a new vision for OT—AOTA Vision 2025. Read about our recent summit and how you can get involved.

Specialty Conference: Register to attend AOTA’s Specialty Conference: Best Practice in Skilled Nursing Facilities in Dallas on December 4 to 5.

Fieldwork Educators: Advance your skills as an occupational therapy fieldwork educator by participating in the AOTA Fieldwork Educator Certificate Program. Find a workshop in your area.

Share Your Stories: As 2017 approaches, we'd like to hear stories about clients you'll never forget or a miracle story you just have to share. Send your stories to or read more.