AOTA Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Using resources to inform practice, education and research AOTA’s resources provide members with an array of evidence-based information to:


  • Guide clinical decision making and share with clients
  • Discuss the value of occupational therapy interventions with external audiences, such as regulatory agencies, third-party payers, referral sources, or institution-based  program managers
  • Stimulate academic and continuing education programs and participation in the Evidence Exchange and Journal Clubs
  • Guide the development of clinical research projects
AOTA Evidence-based Practice resources include:
  • Special Issues of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT): Special issues of this peer reviewed journal include findings of systematic reviews of the occupational therapy literature in various practice areas. Read AJOT online.
  • The AOTA Practice Guidelines Series: Based on findings of systematic reviews, topic specific Practice Guidelines define the occupational therapy domain and process and interventions that occur within the boundaries of acceptable practice. Read more about the Practice Guidelines.
  • Critically Appraised Topics (CATs): The CAT series provides an "at-a-glance" synthesis of a group of articles selected and critically appraised for focused question systematic reviews.
  • Evidence Exchange: A central repository for Critically Appraised Papers (CAPs) and related resources. The Evidence Exchange includes opportunities for members to participate as CAP Submitters as well as CAP Reviewers on an ongoing basis. Read more and become involved in the Evidence Exchange.
  • Evidence Perks: A quarterly column in OT Practice designed to address the day-to-day needs of occupational therapy professionals to find and use the best available evidence from the scientific literature to inform the clinical reasoning process. Read more here.
  • Research Opportunities Tables: The tables provide information on priority research areas and serves as opportunity for researchers to share information on recently completed and ongoing projects. Learn more about the tables.
  • Journal Club Toolkit: The toolkit consists of an array of documents and resources for planning and implementing a journal club. Read more here.
  • Evidence-based Research Directory: An online directory that links users to Internet sites related to the evidence-based practice of occupational therapy. Browse our evidence-based resource directory here.