Education SIS

The Education Special Interest Section (EDSIS) was created by the American Occupational Therapy Association in 1991. EDSIS members share a common interest in the field of occupational therapy education and include fieldwork educators, academic fieldwork coordinators, and students. The EDSIS has a Fieldwork Council Subsection for fieldwork educators and academic fieldwork coordinators.

As a member of the EDSIS you will

  • receive the SIS Quarterly Practice Connections, which contains informative articles on education;
  • be able to attend the Fieldwork Council subsection meeting and Faculty Subsection meeting forum;
  • be able to ask questions to all members participating in the EDSIS discussion forum;
  • be eligible to vote for the EDSIS chairperson and have representation on the Commission on Education; and
  • attend the EDSIS annual program and business meeting to provide grassroots input regarding education.


EDSIS Quarterly articles (open to all members)

SIS Quarterly Practice Connections publication (open to all members)

EDSIS Discussion Forum (open to all members)

Clinical & Academic Fieldwork Coordinators Forum (open to all members)

EDSIS Teaching Tips (also found on the EDSIS discussion forum) 

To join EDSIS, contact AOTA Membership at 301-652-2682, ext. 2769 or toll-free at 1-800-SAY-AOTA (1-800-729-2682).

EDSIS Standing Committee Members (Term of Office: 2013-2016)

Michael Roberts, OTD, OTR/L: Quarterly Editor 

Tina DeAngelis Lenin Grajo Celia Schulz
Tina M. DeAngelis, EdD, OTR/L: Chairperson Lenin Grajo, EdM, OTR/L, OTRP: Professional Development Coordinator (Forums) Celia H. Schulz, PhD, OTR: Professional Development Coordinator (Education/Research)


Rivka Molinsky

Jeanette Koski

Rivka Molinsky, PhD, OTR/L: Faculty Subsection Coordinator Jeanette Koski, MS, OTR/L: Fieldwork Subsection Coordinator