Multicultural Networking Groups

These groups are independent groups and are not officially affiliated with AOTA:

Association of Asian/Pacific Occupational Therapists in America (AAPOTA) 

Jyothi Gupta, OT(C), OTR/L, PhD, President:

The mission:

Create a means for the occupational therapy practitioners who are committed to supporting Asian/Pacific practitioners and advancing a greater understanding of Asian/Pacific cultural issues affecting occupational therapy practice.

The purpose:
  • Serve as a liaison between occupational therapy practitioners with concerns about Asian/Pacific cultural issues affecting occupational therapy practice and the American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Promote scholarly activities and research on Asian/Pacific cultural issues affecting occupational therapy practice
  • Identify and work to achieve common goals and needs
  • Promote and support learning and scholarship
  • Support occupational therapy practitioners immigrating from Asian/Pacific countries with transition and integration into the North American occupational therapy practice
  • Promote occupational therapy education and scholarly exchange among Asian/Pacific countries and North America
National Black Occupational Therapy Caucus (NBOTC)

Tara C. Alexander, OTR/L, CPC, President:
Hazel L. Breland, PhD. OTR/L, Vice President:
Nadine Kwebetchou, MS, OTR/L, Professional Action Chair:

The mission:
Identify, share and attempt to resolve issues that are germane to African-American occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and occupational therapy students and to enhance participation in professional associations.

The objectives:
  • Increase communication among African-American therapists, assistants, and students 
  • Increase student recruitment, retention and certification
  • Promote equal opportunity in employment and education
  • Encourage professional association participation and leadership

Network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns in Occupational Therapy (The Network)

Wanda Mahoney, OTR/L, Co-Chair:
Sam Ladion, OTR/L, Co-Chair:

The mission:

Create the means for members of the occupational therapy professional community who are committed to advancing the understanding of sexual orientation issues to identify, support, and mentor one another and to promote research in occupational therapy.

Network of Native American Practitioners (NNAP)

Lavonne Fox, PhD, OTR/L, co-chair
Chanaé Jones B.S., MOTR/L, co-chair

The mission:
Increase resources for occupational therapists currently working with, or interested in working with, Native Americans. The NNAP promotes the recruitment and retention of Native Americans into the field of occupational therapy and the development of materials to educate the profession and the AOTA membership about Native American issues.

Network of Occupational Therapy Practitioners with Disabilities and Their Supporters (NOTPD)

Contact: Sandy Hanebrink, OTR/L, Chair,

The mission:
The Network of Occupational Therapy Practitioners with Disabilities and Supporters (NOTPD) is an independent organization and member of the AOTA recognized Multiculturalism, Diversity & Inclusion Network. The NOTPD advocates for equal access and inclusion of all occupational therapy practitioners, students, and members of the public in AOTA-sponsored events, programs, and services as well as in the occupational therapy profession as a whole. The NOTPD serves as a voice for its members on disability issues and is a resource on disability culture, legislation and advocacy. The NOTPD's ultimate goal is to make AOTA and the occupational therapy profession the world leaders in respecting and promoting equal access and inclusion of all people.

Orthodox Jewish Occupational Therapy Chavrusa (OJOTC) 

Peggy S. Gurock, OTR, Co-Chair:
Rivka Molinsky, MA, OTR/L, Co-Chair:

The mission:
The OJOTC was formed to provide a forum for Jewish OT practitioners and students to network.

The goals:

  • To work with our professional organizations in meeting the religious needs of our members
  • To provide a forum for our members and other occupational therapists to discuss issues related to practice and our religion
  • To educate practitioners about the cultural needs of their Jewish clients
  • To assist our members in resolving conflicts that may arise including Shabbat, Kashrut and other religious commitments

Terapia Ocupacional para Diversidad, Oportunidad y Solidaridad (TODOS) Network of Hispanic Practitioners

Hector L. Borrero, MBA, OTR/L, CAPS, Co-Chair:
Maria Mohring-Raczka, OTR/L, Co-Chair:
Daniel Pizzaro, Co-Chair:

The mission:
TODOS is a network and a professional community of occupational therapy practitioners and students who have as their mission to support and mentor one another; to support the exploration of careers in occupational therapy by Hispanics/Latinos; and to promote issues of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism within the occupational therapy profession.

The purpose:
  • Provide a consistent voice to the AOTA, state, and local professional organizations regarding the needs and concerns of Hispanics/Latino practitioners, students, and consumers
  • Support and mentor one another, and promote Hispanics/Latino representation and leadership in local, state, and national decision-making bodies
  • Promote the exploration of careers in occupational therapy by Hispanics/Latinos
  • Support Hispanics/Latino practitioners who immigrate from other countries, through the process of adjustment and transition into the occupational therapy profession in the U.S.