Approved & Candidate Residency Sites

AOTA Residency Program

Approved Residency Sites

These sites have full approval to advertise for and accept residents. Individuals who complete the Residency Program will have done so with AOTA approval. 

Acute Care

University of Chicago Medical Center Residency Program
University of Chicago Medical Center
5841 South Maryland Avenue, MC 1081
Chicago, IL 60637
Site Coordinator: Cheryl Esbrook
Coordinator E-mail:
Phone: (773) 795-7134 

Hand Therapy

University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems
University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems
1500 E. Medical Center Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5046
Site Coordinator: Carole Dodge
Coordinator E-mail:
(734) 936-7161


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Residency Program
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
3333 Burnet Ave, MLC 4007
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Site Coordinator: Megan Cappel
Coordinator E-mail:
(513) 636-4651 

Physical Rehabilitation

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Site Coordinator: Cecile Alpasan
Coordinator E-mail:
Phone: (310) 423-5243

Candidate Residency Sites

Sites that are not yet Approved Residency Sites but have completed the first of two steps in the approval process are recognized as Candidate Residency Sites. These sites are eligible to advertise and accept residents. Part two of the process, an on-site review, must still be conducted before a final approval decision is made, typically before completion of the program by the first resident.

Mental Health

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Mental Health Residency Program
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
1800 Orleans St.
Site Coordintaor: Janice J. Jaskulski
Coordinator E-mail:
(410) 955-9735